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The beauty and sorrow of an emptier London

Alexis Self does what he does best: snooping and writing wherever he pleaseth. This time he explores the now quieter streets of London, in these premature dog days - appreciating the calm whilst pining for the return of pre-pandemic vibrancy.

‘Together we can turn the tide on the climate crisis’ – Project Zero

Project Zero has launched a Kickstarter to get our biggest weapon against the climate crisis – the ocean – back in shape. Its CEO and Founder Michele Clarke explains how the initiative hopes to rescue the oceans and, in the process, "get one of our biggest weapons in the fight against the climate crisis back in shape”.

Five jobs for the post-lockdown careerist

Trust a writer to offer career guidance... Alexis Self explores, as he puts it, 'the only five careers that will matter when all this is over, whenever that is'. These include birthday producer, meme laureate and remote barber, of course.

Icons of London: George Orwell’s Statue

At a time when statues have been placed under the spotlight, Cameron Charters examines the works of his beloved George Orwell through the prism of the writer's monument outside Broadcasting House. The statue's inscription reads: “If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”.

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