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An Interview: Episode 04

Dr Terry Moore

Dr. Terry Moore is the Honorary Director of the Cat Survival Trust, a twelve-acre site in Hertfordshire which nurtures endangered species of cats. His inspiring compassion for these animals makes him an expert on these enchanting yet threatened felines.
Chasing Ad Men: Episode 03

Paul Burke

Paul Burke’s natural wit has made him a hit in the world of advertising, in which he’s worked with Rowan Atkinson, Jack Dee, Joanna Lumley and more. Burke’s particular love for radio commercials has made him a specialist in voice acting.
Chasing Ad Men: Episode 02

Dave Dye

Art director (‘creative bloke’, as he terms it) Dave Dye has set-up three agencies. He’s an ad man who knows how to cut to the chase, so without further ado, watch him here as part of our ‘Ad Men’ series.
Chasing Ad Men: Episode 01

Bertie Miller & Dave Waters

Bertie Miller & Dave Waters, who together run the ad agency ‘Watermill’, have been plying their trade for years. Miller is the founder of Spectre, which was voted the most successful production company for six years, whilst Waters helped run a top 20 London ad agency for 20 years. Here are our ‘Ad Men’, in their own words.
An Interview: Episode 01

Shi Heng Jiu

As a 35th generation Shaolin disciple, Shi Heng Jiu is part of a long tradition. But, as he explains from the Shaolin Temple UK, the martial art practice has evolved.


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Kobe: A Numbers Game

On 26th January the world found out the tragic news that Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba was killed alongside his daughter and seven others in a helicopter accident in Los Angeles. No one could really ever predict the impact this would have inside and outside of the game of basketball – players and fans are still grieving, but his superhuman legacy lives on.

The mashed-up cartoon world of Thumbs

Nick Thompson, aka Thumbs, is the creator and cult hero of a mashed-up cartoon universe that everyone must discover. We sat down to learn about Thumbs’ exceedingly precise art form and matchless talent that so many have gawked upon across the globe.

Darticle: whynow at The Darts

whynow Culture Editor, Billy Holmes, took a trip to the darts with his photographer mate Ollo Weguelin. Get the scores on the doors here.

Stephen Walter is mapping the past, present and future

Stephen Walter guides the observer through images, featuring personalised signage and symbols. His maps are barometers of people’s present, past and futures, all delivered with clever amounts of wonderful British superciliousness.

Scouse and Out in London: Busker

Our resident Scouser, whose name has been changed to Disposable Cam for legal reasons, visited London Bridge last week to reflect on another test to the capital's resolve.

Henry Freestone’s cooking up something good

Lewisham-born Henry worked his way up the ranks to become head chef at Crispin, Spitalfields, by the age of just 24. He tells us what it's like being in charge of curating a top restaurant's menu.

Anything for ‘The Dons’

South East London outfit SE DONS have become one of the most loved and inspirational Sunday League football teams of our time - through YouTube.

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