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Design For Life: Episode 02

Paul White

Paul White knew he wanted to design record sleeves from the age of nine, and in 1986 he founded Me Company to do just that. In episode two of Design for Life, he takes us through his archive and examines the legacy of the Y2K aesthetic, 20 years on.
Behind The Lens: Episode 02

Julien Temple

In the second episode of ‘Behind The Lens’, Julien Temple recalls how a chance encounter with The Sex Pistols ignited his filmmaking career; diverting him from the lecture halls at Cambridge to London’s grimy dance floors, warehouses and studios.
Design For Life: Episode 01

Junior Tomlin

Junior Tomlin has been dubbed ‘the Salvador Dali of Rave’ for the memorable imprint he made on the 90s rave scene. Having designed record covers and rave flyers with a sci-fi psychedelic aesthetic, Tomlin helped capture and forge an image of rave into our collective memory. Here, Tomlin discusses the life and times of his art for whynow’s ‘Design For Life’ series.
Behind The Lens: Episode 01

Ruff Mercy

Ruff Mercy (“the slurred, drunken interpretation” of Russ Murphy) has worked with Thom Yorke, Freddie Gibbs and more, creating and revamping their music videos with a stimulating buzz. The Radiohead frontman even labelled him ‘a genius’ – ruff-ly. Delve into the making of his lively works with whynow’s first episode of ‘Behind The Lens’.


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The silent death of the crap car trope

Green technology is, perhaps rightly, pushing petrol guzzlers off the edge of the precipice and into the history books, but might we reserve a small lament for the loveable aesthetics of the classic crap car?

Rampa  They Will Be