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Save our Scrubs

Wormwood Scrubs is a huge neighbourhood-sized oasis in West London unbuilt on since ancient times. HS2 recently announced plans to destroy a portion of it, a move met with fury and indignation by local residents.

WALKING & THE MIND: Psychogeography

From the peripatetic philosophers of ancient Greece to modern-day psycho-geographers, walking has long been associated with thinking. Looking at how artists and writers have consistently used walking as a tool to unlock creativity, this is the third piece in a series that explores the inextricable nature of walking and thinking.

In defence of rats

They say that in Bristol you’re never more than five metres away from a white man with dreadlocks, the same is true in London with rats. So, next time you’re chomping down on your CBD falafel, think about who might be watching you.

The world was my oyster

'My love for these bivalve molluscs was primordial and began with their taste. But I’d be lying if I said their rarefied status didn’t have anything to do with the appeal. I knew these things were a delicacy, and I wanted to shovel as many of them into my gob as I could.'

WALKING & THE MIND: Solvitur Ambulando

The phrase ‘Solvitur Ambulando’ means: ‘it is solved by walking.’ In the second instalment of a new series about walking, we explore the ways walking can unlock new ideas and help us solve creative problems.

WALKING & THE MIND: The flâneur

From the peripatetic philosophers of ancient Greece to modern-day psycho-geographers, walking has long been associated with thinking. In this series, we look at how artists and writers have consistently used walking as a tool to unlock creativity, and explore how walking and thinking are often seen as one and the same.

All Gas No Brakes

Presenter Andrew Callaghan travels around the United States interviewing some of his very unhinged fellow citizens at conferences, protests and rocket launches.

Back to work and back to bullshit

If there’s one positive to take from 2020 so far, it’s that most of us have been spared the pain of witnessing its dizzying downs and more downs from our desks.

From Harvard to Deliveroo, by way of Flaubert’s rural France

Within a week, writer Gabriel Flynn went from intellectually feasting on a scholarship at Harvard to delivering takeaways during lockdown in Manchester. Thankfully, he had the escapism of Gustave Flaubert’s classic 1856 novel Madame Bovary on-hand, which drew surprising comparisons to our present predicament.

‘Is this… progress?’ Turning 30 in lockdown.

Alexis Self just turned 30 – an event he was hoping would go unnoticed. Unfortunately for Alexis - though rather fortunately for us - he is also a writer and therefore couldn't resist the urge to pen his thoughts. Here are his musings on celebrating three decades of life and labour during lockdown.

Virtual Gonzo 6: Scott’s Hut, Antarctica

The latest in this series, which sees us travelling the world on Street View, is a journey to one of the most isolated places in the world. Retracing the steps of early Antarctic explorers, we explore what their stories can teach us about so-called ‘third quarter syndrome.’

Grand Tales: My grandmother Astrid Briedis

In the third chapter of Grand Tales, Cristina Macia Briedis recounts her grandmother Astrid's life: escaping the Soviet army on foot from Latvia to Spain and on her pertinent advice, 'be the first ray of sunshine'.

Grand Tales: My grandfather David Livingstone Charters

The second instalment of our Grand Tales series features Disposable Cam's Glaswegian grandad, known during his career as The Poor Man's Doctor. Admirable in his dedication to craft but also a 'cold, remote' father, David Livingstone Charters MBE was 'eminent in his field, and praised by contemporaries, yet he now lurks in the family’s past like a shadow.'

Grand Tales: My great-grandmother Leia Cudisevich de Dejman

In a brand new series, our writers recount the lives of those whose journeys bought us the freedom and life we now enjoy: our grandparents. Here Nicole Zisman charts her Bisabuela's (great-grandmother's) life from fleeing antisemitic oppression in Romania to an industriously happy life in Caracas, Venezuela.

Finding calm in bookshelf memories

When Katie Dancey-Downs passes her bookshelf, it's like passing photographs on the wall - the stories that unravelled, where we were when we read them, and what parts of the story connected with our own lives. Here are her strongest memories.

Five Go Mad in Lockdown

'We soon learnt that the offy was an essential business and will remain open, and soon enough ordering in beers became our essential business.' Billy Holmes, responsibly practicing social distancing in South West London, discovers he has a newfound respect for his 1,600 neighbours in nearby HM Prison Wandsworth.

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