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Decades: Episode 08

Ronnie Wood

We spoke to musical legend Ronnie Wood about his adventures in 1960’s Britain; switching bands, swapping records and crashing parties. whynow’s decades series asks established people from the arts to discuss ten years that changed them and their work. Fresh out of art school, Ronnie was flitting between the mods and the rockers, while painting canvasses and jamming with Hendrix.
An Interview: Episode 08

Sol Bailey-Barker

Sol Bailey-Barker compiles artefacts and remnants to construct immersive installations and environments. The multi-disciplinary artist works with sound, sculpture and performance that call to his nature of being “stuck between reality and dream” as a result of an auto-immune disease he faced as a child. In these tough times for our community and beyond, here is the dreamlike world of Bailey-Barker.
Decades: Episode 03

Jez Nelson

Jez Nelson has been a key figure for jazz in the UK, having spent years transmitting it through pirate radio stations before joining the newly licensed Jazz FM in 1989. Along the way he’s spoken to some of the greatest and most eccentric characters in jazz and performance, including Herbie Hancock, Nina Simone and Sun Ra. For 'Decades' he talks us through the years 1982-1992.
In The Studio: Episode 05

Michael Gray

DJ and producer Michael Gray has been spinning tracks from the age of 12. Having learnt and perfected his craft during the rise of house music, Gray has had an illustrious career. His hit ‘The Weekend’ remains beloved by all to this day and we couldn’t wait to have him ‘In The Studio’.
In The Studio: Episode 04


Made in Brighton, singer IYAMAH is forging her own path. Her sumptuous vocals and heartfelt lyrics are sure to go far, but it's her self-discovering attitude gives her added steel. We caught up with the rising star for a session ‘In The Studio’.
In The Studio: Episode 03

Matt Clifford

Matt Clifford, a session musician and long-time collaborator of The Rolling Stones, delves into his career and discusses the technological changes he’s encountered throughout it. His work includes a revamping of that glorious Champions League anthem.
In The Studio: Episode 02

Dirty Dike

Dirty Dike is a rapper and a producer. He’s also a sound bloke, with six albums to his name. Speaking with our whynow ‘In The Studio’ session, he dissects the playful thrills and lyrical spills of his work, which is now a far-cry away from his time in prison. 
In The Studio: Episode 01

Matt Allchin

Producer Matt Allchin simply had to create music, and by following his dreams has worked with the likes of Adele, Mark Ronson and Florence Welch. Here he speaks to whynow for an in-depth take on life in the music industry, as part of our In The Studio series.


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Kung fu and Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan redefined hip hop when they started putting out music in the early 90s. With plenty of time to kill, Sammi Gale turns his attention to the kitschy kung fu films and niche religious ideology that inspired the music of a generation.

In Turbulent Times, TURN THE MUSIC UP

whynow has united with Labyrinth to bring a welcome musical escapism to London. Taking place at Brixton Courtyard on Friday 9 October, the line-up brings together Nathan Fake, Donna Leake and Nick Castle in a sonic bubble designed to bat away the blues.

A Conversation with Sam Akpro

Just 22 years young Sam is making a vast, cinematic sound that has no boundaries or conventions. After his highly acclaimed E.P ‘Nights away’ we met up with him to learn how such an infectious yet untamed sound arrived at some of London’s underground venues.

BETSIE GØLD is part of pop’s independent new wave

BETSIE GØLD has been forging her own path in pop since the tender age of 13. Having already performed with Bon Jovi ("if you keep asking and you annoy them enough, they have to say yes”) BETSIE is now using the lockdown period to connect with her ever-growing fan base.

Tenderlonious sees beyond a passing fad

Before London went into lockdown, whynow spoke to Tenderlonious (aka Ed Cawthorne). With a new single released days ago, as well as other critically-acclaimed albums, his music may just have the ideal blend of calm and energy for people's self-isolation.

For Real Lies, it all began in a town of dancing lights

Real Lies are back with a deeper understanding of themselves, their past and current lives in the drab city. Five years on since their debut album Real Life and the band have gone through some changes whilst maintaining their rousing and intelligent sound.

iagö is merging all worlds

After taking a hiatus from producing, iagö has reconnected to not only his music but his entire aesthetic. In the run-up to his first release whynow spoke to the producer whose already played alongside the likes of Peggy Gou, The Martinez Brothers, Pete Tong and more.

Poet in da Corner, the grime rave that broke into a posh theatre

A show that is a canny combination of the music it chooses to celebrate, brief snippets of the movement's history that your ears sometimes pick up on, and a good introduction to new heavyweights on the theatre scene. It is a strange night - while these beats have been played and replayed, and the themes are trodden ground, you leave the theatre feeling you've been privy to something special.

Yizzy welcomes you to grime street

Three years since dropping his debut EP, Yizzy has been climbing the ranks of grime. Having collaborated with the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Devilman and plenty more legends on the scene, he is one to watch with plenty more to give.

Wu-Lu is making more than a splash

Wu-Lu (Miles Romans-Hopcraft) packs multiple sounds into his musical might. He speaks about touring as a kid, working in youth centres and his overall philosophy.

Babeheaven want to keep things personal

To get to know the voice and face of the R&B trip-hop ensemble, who so gracefully indulge in a sentimentality that feels rare these days, we spoke to lead singer Nancy Andersen about the importance of slow-and-steady songwriting.

Beneath the mask of Lynks Afrikka

In Lynks Afrikka, Brett has crafted an onstage persona that treads the thin line of being politically-correct, whilst also getting modern culture to laugh at its own fads - an impressive feat that's catching attention.

The two minds of GFOTY

“GFOTY is a state of mind and I’m basically there to make you feel good about yourself, to make you realise that nothing really matters too much and to be whoever the f**k you want” - Polly Louisa-Salmon (aka GFOTY)

GLOWS, and the steady rise of Slow Dance

All-round artist and record label co-founder Marco Pini shares his thoughts on trying to remain authentic in the throes of London’s current, saturated music scene and his most recent EP, J.L. Hooker Love Pleasure Forever.

The divine inspirations of Tony Njoku

Singer-songwriter Tony Njoku takes inspiration from artist Olafur Eliasson, which fed into the sound and vision of his latest album 'Your Psyche's Rainbow Panorama'.

A.SAINT is born, and feeling free

A.SAINT works tirelessly in the studio for his unique sound. With a new track 'All Night' out now, whynow caught up with the emerging artist.

Jamal Edwards

Media mogul Jamal Edwards, who founded SB.TV a decade ago, reflects on the decisions he made and his masterplan for the future.


We sit down with R&B singer and rapper Col3trane to talk about globetrotting between London and LA, supporting with Dua Lipa and keeping busy on the road.

Max Cooper

London-based electronica and techno producer Max Cooper talks about his latest audiovisual project at the Barbican, 'Yearning for the Infinite', which explores our pursuit of the unattainable.

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Lester Lloyd – Morale Booster: Episode 4

DJ Lester Lloyd brings us two eclectic hours of music from his collection for the third episode of Morale Booster. Expect tunes from Thin Lizzy , Aly Us, Sade, Barry White and more.

Lester Lloyd – Morale Booster: Episode 3

DJ Lester Lloyd brings us two eclectic hours of music from his collection for the third episode of Morale Booster. Expect tunes from Marky Mark, Shaggy, Necro, Tina Turner, Top Cat and more.

Banksia – “Solitude”

A devote house and techno producer - Banksia unveils a mix inspired by his time in isolation, he says 'I think it’s more to do with the fact we are all locked up alone in our homes and how restricted life has become. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.’ Born in Ma nchester, raised in Zambia and now living in the electronic hub San Francisco, he works as a talent buyer and promoter by day and flourishes in some of the major clubs in California by night. There is so much more to come from him, keep your eyes peeled.

Lester Lloyd – Morale Booster: Episode 2

DJ Lester Lloyd brings us two eclectic hours of music from his collection for the second episode of Morale Booster. Expect tunes from Todd Rundgren, Black Grape, The Contours and more.

Casnova – “Future Sounds”

Rising West-London DJ Casnova brings us a selection of Jazz-infused UK Club and Hip Hop sounds. His set is named after the future sounds that he discovers and falls in love with when playing DJ sets. Expect music from K-LONE, J.D Reid, Jorja Smith and more.

Cam Brott – “Where Dad Goes To Dance”

Cam Brott is a London-based DJ and Record Collector. Originally from New Zealand, Cam has a long-held obsession with collecting. His mix reflects his experience as a father and is largely influenced by the music that Cam’s father introduced to him at an early age.

Lester Lloyd – Morale Booster

DJ Lester Lloyd brings us two eclectic hours of Soul, Hip Hop, and Rave tunes in the first edition of his Morale Booster show on whynow Radio.

Rubashov – “Take Care”

Rubashov is a London based DJ behind the Thirty Year Records label. After many years (thirty, in fact) of record collecting and playing, Rubashov decided to start his own label to give back to the community. “Take Care” is a reference to the current moment. It’s impossible to ignore all that has happened in the past months, weeks, and days. Take care of yourselves and one another.

Reynes – “Plastic Trees”

Reynes is a Manchester-based electronic producer. His sound is influenced by stripped back minimal house and techno, incorporating subtle melodies, rolling basslines and intricate sound design. This can be heard in full effect on his 2018 EP, titled ‘Light Showers’ for Thirty Year Records. His mix for Whynow is simply titled “Plastic Trees”, referencing a warped view of daylit scenery following a night of partying.

FYI Robyn

One foot in London, and one in the cosmos, FYI Robyn takes pride in cultivating a dance floor with free flowing energy, connection and vulnerability. She’s a fresh face on the scene (well as a DJ), and is quickly forging a name for herself playing numerous high-end fashion part ies, as well as boasting regular gigs at Egg London, and some UK festivals.


BOA bring us an hour of distorted, ambient electronics, coinciding with the release of their debut album, Outer Gateways.


London-based Jeigo brings a brilliant balance between the ethereal and the hard-hitting. This mix typifies his ability to pack a continuous punch, when drawing from garage and minimal to melodic house and breakbeat. With releases already out from labels Air Miles Records, Lowlife Cartel and more, there’s plentiful reason to keep one eye out.

Tommy Gold

ßONE SODA ノノ’s very own Tommy Gold supplies us with a classic showing. The resident of Phonox (with Mantra every Saturday) has a knack for grooving and unwinding in one smooth mix. Check his whynow take here.

Tibi Dabo

Barcelona-born, Berlin-dwelling Tibi Dabo (aka Max Guardans) has a pronounced artistry. Like the Catalonian mountains his Tibi Dabo project is named after, Guardans stands confident and collected in his abilities. Already respected by the likes of Damian Lazarus, this 22-year old is bound for beauty and glory. Listen to his mix to see and hear why.

Joshua James (Phantasy Sound)

Joshua James will keep you moving, with his perfect blend of intensity and delicacy. The XOYO resident’s second release (Journeys in Love) came out on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy – a sure-fire reason, should you need one, to check out his whynow mix now. His latest track Marlene is out on the 28th February with a pair of remixes from Deetron.


AOB takes inspiration from his Middle Eastern roots, which, along with his expanding music knowledge, feeds his divine sound. Listen to his mix for whynow, which, with some unreleased material thrown in, is as intricate as it is pulsating.

Lauren Ralph

DJ, producer and all-round don Lauren Ralph came through for a mix. The man from Brum brought his typically spirited sound to our studio, with tracks by Jorja Smith, Akon, his own, and more.

Hardt Antoine

Reculture chief Hardt Antoine blends tech house, deep house, minimal and more into a mix that’ll make you move. From the whynow studio, the French-Jamaican Londoner has been at it again, finding time amongst his schedule of planning some of London’s best nights.

Jada La Reign

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York JADALAREIGN is making waves. Her high-energy, floor-filling sets have led her to play her first Boiler Room set and be part of more through the grassroots radio platform, Halfmoon BK. In London for the first time, whynow captured her sound.

Nick Castle

Nick Castle is the founder of Labyrinth, which grew from nights at Notting Hill Arts Club to curating events at some of London’s most prestigious venues. With a penchant for house music, we welcome him with open arms to the whynow studio.


Argentinian-born DJ and producer Blixa brings his forceful sound and seamless mixing to the whynow studio. Mainly handling electronic and techno, Blixa is unafraid to occasionally let his Hispanic heritage through. He is a London-based resident, 1020radio regular, and co-founder of POLAR, a platform for local, up-and-coming DJs.

Joshua Murfitt

Already a regular of Phonox and XOYO, Josh Murfitt is going places. With a versatile track selection and a fearlessness to experiment, Murfitt has already played alongside Motor City Drum Ensemble, Jacques Greene and Kyle Hall.

Rampa  They Will Be