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Open House: Episode 09

Rebecca Gilpin

Rebecca Gilpin creates visual rhythms on canvas. In episode 9, she tells us how listening to music shaped her latest series, Magic Carpet ride; and why the sea plays an important role in her work.
Open House: Episode 08

Lucia Fraser

Lucia Fraser reimagines the natural world in her serene paintings and ceramics. In episode 8, she tells us about her new series Flux, and why a trip to Iceland inspired a new way of working.
Open House: Episode 07

Sara Dodd

Sara Dodd’s intricate sculptures are formed using delicate layers of ceramic with no obvious start or end. In episode 7, she explains how her garden became a major influence in lockdown, and how subtle colourways express tone and emotion.
Open House: Episode 06

Tom White

Tom White’s colourful oils explore the vulnerability of the human condition. In episode 6 of Open House, he takes us through his artistic journey from pop culture to deeply personal self-portraits.

Open House: Episode 05

Emma Elliott

Emma Elliott’s beautiful sculptures deliver a vital message to humanity about the fragility of our ecosystem. In episode 5 of Open House, she invites us into her studio where she turns centuries-old marble into striking, relevant and challenging pieces.
Open House: Episode 04

Ian Bruce

Ian Bruce describes painting portraits as “somewhere between a haircut and a therapy session”. In episode 4 of Open House, he shows us how he’s adapted his intimate methods to lockdown, and finally found the time to launch his long-imagined animation project.
Open House: Episode 03

Millie Suu Kyi

Millie Suu Kyi’s ceramics and illustrations depict personality traits through playful characters and vivid scenes, inspired by childhood nostalgia. In episode three of Open House, she shows us how lockdown is shaping her work, and shares her hopes for the future of the arts.
Open House: Episode 02

Conor Rogers

Conor Rogers’ intricate miniatures of daily life in the north of England are authentic, emotive depictions of working-class society. In the second episode of Open House, he takes us round his studio where discarded objects become the canvases for his work.
WITH INDIA: Episode 01


Tie-dying with India. Want to stay creative in quarantine? India Witzand shows you how to refresh your wardrobe with her step-by-step guide to tie-dye.
An Interview: Episode 09

Blenheim Forge

In Peckham’s Blenheim Forge, exceptional Japanese-inspired kitchen knives are crafted by hand to the most exacting standards, but it started out as a backyard hobby. Here, owners Jon Warshawsky and Richard Warner explain all.
Up Next: Episode 07

Helen Kirkum

Helen Kirkum is stitching together both the remnants of shoes and a distinctive new look. The “sneaker collagist” achieves more than a mere recycling job; her creatively customized sneakers have already led to her teaming up with Adidas’ MakerLab project, for her individual take on the Campus 80 silhouette.
An Interview: Episode 04

Dr Terry Moore

Dr. Terry Moore is the Honorary Director of the Cat Survival Trust, a twelve-acre site in Hertfordshire which nurtures endangered species of cats. His inspiring compassion for these animals makes him an expert on these enchanting yet threatened felines.
In The Studio: Episode 04


Made in Brighton, singer IYAMAH is forging her own path. Her sumptuous vocals and heartfelt lyrics are sure to go far, but it's her self-discovering attitude gives her added steel. We caught up with the rising star for a session ‘In The Studio’.
Make Me A Model: Episode 03

David Bailey

Arguably the greatest living portrait photographer, David Bailey shot to glittering notoriety in the 60s, snapping the likes of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol and Michael Caine. Our Jake sat down with David in his studio and we filmed it, which begs the question: why haven’t you clicked ‘play’ yet?
Make Me A Model: Episode 01

Ray Burmiston

Ray Burmiston has photographed the biggest and the best, from Ricky Gervais to Idris Elba, Kate Moss to Anthony Joshua. And now, for our whynow ‘Make Me a Model’ series, he has the privilege of shooting our very own Jake Denton to kick-off his journey from poser to poster-boy.
Outsider Art: Episode 01

Richard C Smith

Richard C Smith is a self-taught Outsider Artist, represented by the Henry Boxer Gallery in London. From the sixties to nineties, Smith led a turbulent life due to drug dependency, spending time in prison and working as a grave digger.


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Kung fu and Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan redefined hip hop when they started putting out music in the early 90s. With plenty of time to kill, Sammi Gale turns his attention to the kitschy kung fu films and niche religious ideology that inspired the music of a generation.

Relic: Horror’s Natural Habitat

In this heartbreaking psychological thriller about Alzheimer’s, debut feature director Natalie Erika James plays on our fears of forgetting. After all, isn’t impending darkness the hallmark of any true horror?

The Ballad of Corona V

The Big House Theatre Company is an amazing Islington-based charity working with disadvantaged young people to create wonderful theatre. Its latest offering, cruelly cut short by Lockdown 2, offers a highly inventive tragicomic take on a tragicomic year. 

WALKING & THE MIND: Psychogeography

From the peripatetic philosophers of ancient Greece to modern-day psycho-geographers, walking has long been associated with thinking. Looking at how artists and writers have consistently used walking as a tool to unlock creativity, this is the third piece in a series that explores the inextricable nature of walking and thinking.

Bad Faith, Good Service: Davide Maldi’s L’Apprendistato

There’s a lot to learn from David Maldi’s film-documentary hybrid L’Apprendistato. In a prestigious academy in Domodossala, Italy, a class of teenage boys are instructed in hospitality’s highest standards of service. One of them, Luca Tufano, isn’t so sure; his scepticism teaches us something else entirely.

Stefananos was a Greek man / Notes from the Aegean

'Stefanos was a Greek man. He had strong broad shoulders, dark, leathery skin and hair severely slicked back with grease. His eyes boasted little colour but seemed alluring in a more complex way, as if all the difficult choices he made had laid to rest there...'

The Trevi Fountain, an eternal collaboration

A Baroque masterpiece, a cinematic vision, and hotspot for tourism, Rome’s Trevi fountain has captured the imagination of millions - but what’s so special about it? A textual ramble through the fountain’s history, and a nighttime amble through the streets of Rome, reveals some hidden truths.

Putos Ricos: New Order is Mexico’s Answer to Parasite

Michel Franco delivers the bleak and brutal story of a violent coup sweeping through Mexico City. With typical detachment, yet more pace, urgency, and venom than any of his other films to date, New Order questions to what extent we are responsible for the current one.

Pasolini according to Ferrara

Enfant-terrible of contemporary cinema, Abel Ferrara, tells the story of Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini. Expect sex, scandal, and provocation - just don’t look too hard for hidden depths.

The world was my oyster

'My love for these bivalve molluscs was primordial and began with their taste. But I’d be lying if I said their rarefied status didn’t have anything to do with the appeal. I knew these things were a delicacy, and I wanted to shovel as many of them into my gob as I could.'

The Painter and the Thief

A painter asks a thief why he stole her work. ‘Because it was beautiful,’ he says. A new documentary tells the story of what happened next.

Masked Mask: Gillian Wearing’s Lockdown

Masks are suddenly ubiquitous, not least in galleries. What better time to investigate their overnight primacy? For that matter, who better to lead the enquiry than the queen of masking herself — Gillian Wearing?

In Turbulent Times, TURN THE MUSIC UP

whynow has united with Labyrinth to bring a welcome musical escapism to London. Taking place at Brixton Courtyard on Friday 9 October, the line-up brings together Nathan Fake, Donna Leake and Nick Castle in a sonic bubble designed to bat away the blues.

Watch Dogtooth to feel better about your lot

Yorgos Lanthimos’ 2009 film Dogtooth is a testament to the absurdities and perils of over-intimacy. Dealing with claustrophobia, and depicting the inestimable power of misinformation, the spine-chilling family drama is one of very few films indeed which make pandemic sufferers feel liberated by comparison.

WALKING & THE MIND: The flâneur

From the peripatetic philosophers of ancient Greece to modern-day psycho-geographers, walking has long been associated with thinking. In this series, we look at how artists and writers have consistently used walking as a tool to unlock creativity, and explore how walking and thinking are often seen as one and the same.

All Gas No Brakes

Presenter Andrew Callaghan travels around the United States interviewing some of his very unhinged fellow citizens at conferences, protests and rocket launches.

Hogarth: London Voices, London Lives

William Hogarth’s remarkable series, A Rake’s Progress, famously depicted a morality tale of the city and was bought by Sir John Soane to hang at Pitzhanger, to inspire and entertain his guests. For the first time in 200 years, it has returned as the centrepiece of our exhibition, reflecting voices and issues in London today.

Back to work and back to bullshit

If there’s one positive to take from 2020 so far, it’s that most of us have been spared the pain of witnessing its dizzying downs and more downs from our desks.

c-Ω-n-t-α-c-t review

c-Ω-n-t-α-c-t takes central London as its stage, and an internal monologue as its soundtrack. What happens when distinctions – between audience and actor, you and me – melt away?

A Conversation with Kojo Marfo

Kojo Marfo does not seek to divide, he strives for universality. The rising star wants to express frustrations, anxieties, fears, and social pressures through the intimate setting of the canvas.

Tullio Crali, The Futurist Life

Italian Futurism has long been associated with Fascism, and here one of its key artists is given an overdue reappraisal in this stunning exhibition.

The Lazy Man’s Odyssey: 300 Films in Lockdown (41-45)

It is a sad fact that globally, the film industry has largely excluded women from executive and directorial roles over the past century. Mr Tiffou couldn't even find five female directors on Ebert's Greatest list so instead had to settle for films centred on women instead.

The Lazy Man’s Odyssey: 300 Films in Lockdown (36-40)

With time decompressed to immeasurable length during lockdown, much has been made of a steadily increasing appreciation of a more supine, unhurried consumption of arts and literature. There exists no better litmus test for this than Stanley Kubrick's 15-minute-long voyeuristic scene of a spaceship landing.

Grand Tales: My grandmother Astrid Briedis

In the third chapter of Grand Tales, Cristina Macia Briedis recounts her grandmother Astrid's life: escaping the Soviet army on foot from Latvia to Spain and on her pertinent advice, 'be the first ray of sunshine'.

Grand Tales: My grandfather David Livingstone Charters

The second instalment of our Grand Tales series features Disposable Cam's Glaswegian grandad, known during his career as The Poor Man's Doctor. Admirable in his dedication to craft but also a 'cold, remote' father, David Livingstone Charters MBE was 'eminent in his field, and praised by contemporaries, yet he now lurks in the family’s past like a shadow.'

Virtual Gonzo 3 – Reaching for The Line

This series sees us travelling the world on Street View — though this time the destination is closer to home. Having never visited London’s first dedicated public art walk, we thought there was no time like the present to walk The Line.

Finding calm in bookshelf memories

When Katie Dancey-Downs passes her bookshelf, it's like passing photographs on the wall - the stories that unravelled, where we were when we read them, and what parts of the story connected with our own lives. Here are her strongest memories.

The Lazy Man’s Odyssey: 300 Films in Lockdown (16-20)

Raphael Tiffou weighs in on five more outstanding films before sharing some sage observations on the genealogy of cinematic technique. How much can one learn and grow from watching the 300 best films ever made? We're going to find out more and more.

‘A double dream of spring’ — Spring in Art 4

Inspired by David Hockney’s ‘Do remember they can’t cancel spring’, we’re exploring springtime throughout art history. This time, we Goldilocks around for an image of the spring we’re all living through, and we find our ‘just right’ in an unexpected place.

AR Beauty: In Conversation with Teresa Fogolari

We spoke to the creator of several iconic Instagram face-filters about the way that the strive for social media fame seems to have killed the diversity of face-filters that we’re living for in lockdown — and how Instagram's decision to remove plastic surgery filters may have contributed.

‘It all existed online and now it exists in real life’ – the rising stock of Furmaan Ahmed

It’s not often a Central Saint Martins student has already worked with the likes of Willow Smith, Kate Moss and David LaChaepelle before they graduate. Then again, the idiosyncrasy of Furmaan Ahmed is by no means ordinary. Holly Gibbs, a CSM grad herself, has gleaned the honest account of how this unique image-maker went from young boy in a strict Muslim community, to fully expressive creator.

Savage Salvation – Titian’s Painted Poetry

Titian’s inimitable ‘poesie’ series is hanging in the (empty) National Gallery, reuniting a half-dozen canvases for the first time in centuries. Transposing eternal themes to immediate and earthly bodies, Ovid’s stories travel through millennia, via paint, to land intact in 21st century laps.

‘Isolated? Yes. But still connected.’

As the majority of us isolate and work at home, so many of our city’s buildings no longer serve their primary function. Unlike before, many are now ornamental. Let’s grasp this opportunity to stare deeper into the beauty around us.

Five Go Mad in Lockdown

'We soon learnt that the offy was an essential business and will remain open, and soon enough ordering in beers became our essential business.' Billy Holmes, responsibly practicing social distancing in South West London, discovers he has a newfound respect for his 1,600 neighbours in nearby HM Prison Wandsworth.

Poet in da Corner, the grime rave that broke into a posh theatre

A show that is a canny combination of the music it chooses to celebrate, brief snippets of the movement's history that your ears sometimes pick up on, and a good introduction to new heavyweights on the theatre scene. It is a strange night - while these beats have been played and replayed, and the themes are trodden ground, you leave the theatre feeling you've been privy to something special.


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Golden Nuggets – Best Clips Roundup

Al sat down with a range of guests over the past twenty episodes and in this special edition, he reflects on some of the most positive, powerful and insightful moments that he has chosen from the episodes.

Ep. 6 – John The Poacher

Shem and Lukman sat down with John, who over the past 30 years has learnt to live off the land and earns money supplying high end bars and restaurants in London. They chat about the abundance of edible foods in the city and some of the rare mushrooms you can find if you know whe re to look.

Ep. 5 – Tim Howell

Shem and Lukman spoke to Tim Howell, who travels to famous peaks around the globe as a mountaineer and BASE jumper. They chat about the risk and the reward of the sport, some of his near death experiences and more.

Ep. 20 – Bev Meakin

This week Al talks to Dr Bev Meakin, she is a senior Lecturer in Counselling at Staffordshire University and the course leader for the Professional, Postgraduate and MSc courses in Psychotherapeutic Counselling. She also runs a private counselling practice. Al chats to Dr Meak in about how her own past experiences shaped her career and her desire to help others. She discusses the different patterns she sees in relationships and the future of relationships for the younger generations.

Ep. 19 – Bryn Ferris

Bryn Ferris is a young entrepreneur and co-founder of Grounded, a plant-based food and beverage company. He talks to Al about the pros and cons of university, discovering the corporate world wasn’t for him and how he created a place in the market for his plant-based produce. H aving arrived at the company over two years ago, he takes us through the development of the products, from the initial idea to the products arriving on shelves in Selfridges, Planet Organic and launching with Gymbox later this month. He provides some key advice to anyone looking

Ep. 18 – Sam Wardell

Sam Wardell is the Head of Philosophy at a school in West London. Al and Sam talk about the value of belief systems, the danger of social media being used as a news source and how Philosophy courses are changing. Sam challenges his students to tackle difficult discussions and t o contribute despite their own views on that topic. The answer ‘I don’t like that’ isn’t good enough - he wants his students to be able to give reasons in a wide range of conversations, making them better at critically evaluating information.

Ep. 17 – Ben Brown

Ben Brown is a BBC News Presenter and author of 'Sandstealers', a novel about war correspondents. After studying PPE at Oxford, he worked for various news outlets eventually joining the BBC in 1988 . He’s known for his work as a foreign correspondent and front line war journa list, taking him to places such as Moscow, Iraq and Israel. Ben authored another book called, The Battle for Iraq, and he tells Al about his time there, including a near death experience in which a British soldier saved his life. His most significant work was during the break-u

Ep. 16 – Abed Ahmed

Al spoke to Abed Ahmed, who is a Head of Maths at Washwood Heath Academy in Birmingham and runs stammer support groups for children and for adults. He is the winner of the New Teacher of the Year award. Having developed a stammer at 4 years old, he talks to Al about using Drama exercises to work on his impediment and to build his confidence and resilience. At 17 years old, he began to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher and at a teach training conference was told to forget about it. Throughout his childhood, growing up in a deprived part of Birmin

Casnova – “Future Sounds”

Rising West-London DJ Casnova brings us a selection of Jazz-infused UK Club and Hip Hop sounds. His set is named after the future sounds that he discovers and falls in love with when playing DJ sets. Expect music from K-LONE, J.D Reid, Jorja Smith and more.

Ep. 15 – Angela Hilton

Angela Hilton is a teacher at Cleves Cross in Ferryhill. Recently she was awarded the Primary School Teacher of the Year prize at the Pearson National Teaching Awards. This was due to her excellence in working with international schools, rights respecting, sustainability, fair trade and learning outside the classroom. She spoke to Al about exchange visits with partner schools in Sri Lanka and Kenya, she emphasises how important it is for kids in Primary School to start to understand situations and cultures far removed from their own.

Ep. 14 – David Sharkey

David Sharkey is the Head of English at Shiplake College in Henley-on-Thames and is moving to Hampton School to teach English in September. He is a volunteer for the initiative ‘Shout’, which offers in the moment mental health support for people who need it immediately. He is currently a rugby coach for the HAC (Honourable Artillery Company) and works in the Developing Player Programme for WASPS rugby club. David uses his experience in teaching and sports coaching to help redefine masculinity. By having conversations consistently about emotional

Ep. 13 – Damian Hughes

Damian Hughes is a Professor of Organisational Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University, and is an Author of seven best-selling books, including ‘The Five Steps to a Winning Mindset’. He is also a Sports Psychology consultant for professional teams including Rugby Uni on’s Sale Sharks, League’s Warrington Wolves and the Premiership’s West Bromwich Albion. On top of that, he co-hosts the ‘High Performance Podcast’ with Jake Humphrey. He combines his practical and academic background within sport, organisation and psychology to work as

Ep. 12 – Neil Rollings

Neil Rollings was a Director of Sport in four of the leading independent schools in Britain for 21 years. He now works to provide training, recruitment and advisory services for modern sports programmes, often working with Headmasters to appoint Directors of Sport. In this epis ode he emphasises the personal, social and behavioural benefits sports can bring to students. What is the purpose of coaching the Director of sport at school and how does it impact the students’ learning experience? Neil covers this all in the latest episode of Golden Nuggets
worldwide will

Ep. 14 – Hari Budha Magar

Will Watkins chats to fellow veterans about their lives and experiences. Season 2 is in collaboration with Emma Willis’ Style for Soldiers charity, who create smart, well-fitting clothing for injured veterans. Ex-Gurkha and double amputee, Hari Budha Magar, relives memories of his time in the service and tells us how he has adapted to life changing injuries. Fully committed to climbing Everest as soon as he and his team get the go ahead, he talks about the mental, physical and political challenges as he trains for his record breaking expedition.
worldwide will

Ep. 13 – Matt Weston

Will Watkins chats to fellow veterans about their lives and experiences. Season 2 is in collaboration with Emma Willis’ Style for Soldiers charity, who create smart, well-fitting clothing for injured veterans. Matt Weston lost both legs and an arm to an IED explosion in Afghani stan. He chats about his miraculous recovery and career following the injuries, including his current role at Barclays AFTER programme, supporting people who have left the forces.

Ep. 11 – Amy Price

Amy Price is a Women’s National Coach Developer at The FA in England, and is a UEFA A Licence holder. She was formerly Programme Director for Physical and Sport Education BA (Hons) at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. They discuss what coaches and teachers can learn from st udying video game design and how you could apply that to a classroom.

Ep. 10 – Aaron Walsh

Aaron Walsh is an experienced Sports Performance Coach. He is trained in mental skills and player development. He is currently working for Chiefs super rugby team, and previously for major sports teams such as San Francisco Giants, NY Mets, NZ Hockey, Football and Auckland Aces. He also works in corporate leadership coaching, creating high performance working environments. They spoke about Aarons career, fostering a healthy competitive environment, and the importance of managing wellbeing for optimal performance.

Ep. 9 – Dr Daniel Fujiwara

Dr Daniel Fujiwara is the founding director of Simetrica-Jacobs, who research wellbeing research and econometrics. An economist specialising in policy evaluation and social impact measurement, he also has a PHD in Wellbeing, and over 15 years of experience working in government and in international organisations. They discussed how wellbeing can increase productivity in the workplace and in the education system, creating better students, teachers and employees.

Cam Brott – “Where Dad Goes To Dance”

Cam Brott is a London-based DJ and Record Collector. Originally from New Zealand, Cam has a long-held obsession with collecting. His mix reflects his experience as a father and is largely influenced by the music that Cam’s father introduced to him at an early age.
worldwide will

Ep. 12 – Doug Adams

Will Watkins chats to fellow veterans about their lives and experiences. Season 2 is in collaboration with Emma Willis’ Style for Soldiers charity, who create smart, well-fitting clothing for injured veterans. Doug & Sarah spoke to Will earlier in the year about Doug’s milit ary career, his struggle with PTSD and his ongoing recovery. They discussed the ups and downs of his mental wellbeing after service, and his recent progress with art therapy.

Ep. 8 – Tim Richards

Al hosted a live remote podcast for Barnes Film Festival in June with the founder of Vue Cinemas, Tim Richards. They discussed his previous career as a Wall Street Lawyer, the qualities of a successful entrepreneur and the importance of cinema in the digital age.
worldwide will

Ep. 11 – Andy Reid

Will Watkins chats to fellow veterans about their lives and experiences. Season 2 is in collaboration with Emma Willis’ Style for Soldiers charity, who create smart, well-fitting clothing for injured veterans. Andy Reid discusses the injury he sustained from stepping on an IED plate in Afghanistan, where he lost both legs and one arm. Despite this life-changing injury, he has become a parent, motivational speaker and was even awarded an MBE for his charity work.

Ep. 7 – Warren Abrahams

This week Al chats to rugby coach Warren Abrahams. Originally from South Africa, Warren began a rugby career before focusing on coaching in the UK. Since then he has coached for London Irish, Harlequins and England Sevens to name a few. They spoke about Warrens childhood, growing up during the apartheid in South Africa, and how personal experiences had major influences on his coaching technique.
worldwide will

Ep. 10 – David Patterson

Will Watkins chats to fellow veterans about their lives and experiences. Season 2 is in collaboration with Emma Willis’ Style for Soldiers charity, who create smart, well-fitting clothing for injured veterans. Dave opens up about his mental health issues after service, and how his current job as a Community Coach for Newcastle United Foundation has been hugely beneficial to his recovery.
worldwide will

Ep. 9 – Lisa Johnston

Will Watkins chats to fellow veterans about their lives and experiences. Season 2 is in collaboration with Emma Willis’ Style for Soldiers charity, who create smart, well-fitting clothing for injured veterans. Will spoke to Lisa Johnston, who served as a Combat Medical Technici an in the Army. After injuring her leg during training, she suffered from a rare condition causing constant pain and discomfort, with the only solution being amputation. She discusses her military career, family life, and the challenges she faced as a result of her injury.
worldwide will

Ep. 8 – Stewart Hill

Afghanistan veteran Will Watkins chats to fellow veterans about their lives and experiences. Season 2 is in collaboration with Emma Willis’ Style for Soldiers charity, who create smart, well-fitting clothing for injured veterans. Will sat down with Stewart Hill before lockdown to chat about Stewart's upbringing & military career. Stewart opens up about the brain injury he suffered during service, and finding refuge in creative outlets such as painting and playing the piano.
worldwide will

Ep. 7 – David O’Mahoney

Afghanistan veteran Will Watkins chats to fellow veterans about their lives and experiences. Season 2 is in collaboration with Emma Willis’ Style for Soldiers charity, who create smart, well-fitting clothing for injured veterans. Will was joined pre-lockdown by David O'Mahoney, who suffered a life-changing brain injury during service. They discussed how this affected David's life, his inspiring story of recovery, and his recent success as a motivational speaker.
worldwide will

Season Two Trailer

Will Watkins chats to fellow veterans about their lives and experiences. Season Two explores the stories of beneficiaries of Style for Soldiers, a charity founded by fashion designer Emma Willis, that makes bespoke clothing for injured veterans, in an effort to improve their conf idence and mental health. Just before the UK Lockdown, Will chatted to 9 veterans with life-changing injuries sustained in recent conflicts. They opened up about horrific experiences & trauma, and their inspiring stories of overcoming these obstacles.

Reynes – “Plastic Trees”

Reynes is a Manchester-based electronic producer. His sound is influenced by stripped back minimal house and techno, incorporating subtle melodies, rolling basslines and intricate sound design. This can be heard in full effect on his 2018 EP, titled ‘Light Showers’ for Thirty Year Records. His mix for Whynow is simply titled “Plastic Trees”, referencing a warped view of daylit scenery following a night of partying.

Ep. 2 – Lawrence Dallaglio OBE

Al chats to Lawrence Dallaglio about the purpose of being selfless and your impact on society.

 Lawrence is one of Englands most celebrated rugby players. After retiring from the game having won both the Rugby World Cup and Sevens World Cup, 85 caps for England and countless other achievements, he is now a BT Sports presenter and founder of Rugby Works, a long-term skills development charity based on rugby, aiming to get teenagers into sustained education, employment or training. Lawrence spoke to Al about his Italian upbringing, family values, his

Ep. 1 – Stuart Lancaster

During the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown, Al gave Stuart Lancaster a call to chat about his life, career and what it takes to become a leader. Stuart Lancaster is currently working at Leinster rugby club as a professional 1XV rugby coach. He was England Head Rugby Coach betwe en 2011-2015. He also runs leadership courses through udemy.com, regularly presents on webinars and provides free resources on LinkedIn.
worldwide will

Ep. 6 – Roy Thornburn

Will Watkins chats to fellow veterans about their lives and experiences. On this episode, he sat down with Roy Thornburn and they discussed his military career, a devastating experience in Afghanistan and the effect that had on Roy's mental wellbeing, as well as his journey to re covery.


Universal Language Records Founder and XOYO Resident Cimmerii brings us a mix titled 'Alice in Isolation'. The intro reflects the dream-like rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland, before she dives into a selection of synth-heavy, space-age disco and club tracks. Expect music from Sp ace Dimension Controller, Silk Rhodes, Tei Shi and an exclusive unreleased tune from Cimmerii.

Ep. 5 – Alex Smith

Will sat down with Alex Smith, a fellow Afghanistan Veteran. They chatted about some dangerous moments whilst serving, overcoming PTSD and how Alex launched his clothing line, Redcoat Apparel in 2018.

Ep. 4 – Julia Toppin & Cheraine Donalea Scott

Shem & Lukman spoke to lecturer, English Teacher & Record Label owner Julia Toppin & PHD candidate & Lecturer, Cheraine Donalea Scott about Black British music movements & culture.

Ep. 4 – Paul Nayman

This week, Will spoke to Paul Nayman, about his life and experiences in his three tours of Afghanistan. They discussed the difficulties of returning to normal life after service, how they both struggled with mental health issues and more.

Ep. 3 – Fabio Cao

Shem & Lukman chatted to Fabio Cao, who has travelled to 198 different countries. He describes his passion for travelling, his favourite country, most dangerous experiences and more.


BOA bring us an hour of distorted, ambient electronics, coinciding with the release of their debut album, Outer Gateways.

Ep. 3 – Tairon Coronel

Tairon Coronel discusses his upbringing in Columbia, to serving in Afghanistan and more in the latest episode of Worldwide Will.

Ep. 2 – Stefan Egan

Stefan Egan opens up about his difficult childhood, serving in Afghanistan whilst battling a drug addiction, and his new life and passions post-service.

Ep. 2 – Darrel Blake

Shem & Lukman chatted to Darrel Blake, a London-based public speaker, teacher and activist. They discussed equality in the education system and much more.

Ep. 1 – Intro

Afghanistan veteran Will chats to fellow veterans about their lives. In the first episode, Will opens up about his own life and experiences.


London-based Jeigo brings a brilliant balance between the ethereal and the hard-hitting. This mix typifies his ability to pack a continuous punch, when drawing from garage and minimal to melodic house and breakbeat. With releases already out from labels Air Miles Records, Lowlife Cartel and more, there’s plentiful reason to keep one eye out.

Ep. 1 – Dean Chalkley & Harris Elliott

Our new podcast by Shem & Lukman who sit down with tastemakers and influential guests from across the music, tech, arts and culture spectrum. All within a 25 minute count down. They spoke to prolific music photographer and filmmaker Dean Chalkley and fashion-industry creative dir ector Harris Elliott. They explore everything surrounding Rudeboy heritage and culture, discussing their book and exhibition at Somerset House.

Tommy Gold

ßONE SODA ノノ’s very own Tommy Gold supplies us with a classic showing. The resident of Phonox (with Mantra every Saturday) has a knack for grooving and unwinding in one smooth mix. Check his whynow take here.

Tibi Dabo

Barcelona-born, Berlin-dwelling Tibi Dabo (aka Max Guardans) has a pronounced artistry. Like the Catalonian mountains his Tibi Dabo project is named after, Guardans stands confident and collected in his abilities. Already respected by the likes of Damian Lazarus, this 22-year old is bound for beauty and glory. Listen to his mix to see and hear why.

Joshua James (Phantasy Sound)

Joshua James will keep you moving, with his perfect blend of intensity and delicacy. The XOYO resident’s second release (Journeys in Love) came out on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy – a sure-fire reason, should you need one, to check out his whynow mix now. His latest track Marlene is out on the 28th February with a pair of remixes from Deetron.


AOB takes inspiration from his Middle Eastern roots, which, along with his expanding music knowledge, feeds his divine sound. Listen to his mix for whynow, which, with some unreleased material thrown in, is as intricate as it is pulsating.

Lauren Ralph

DJ, producer and all-round don Lauren Ralph came through for a mix. The man from Brum brought his typically spirited sound to our studio, with tracks by Jorja Smith, Akon, his own, and more.

Hardt Antoine

Reculture chief Hardt Antoine blends tech house, deep house, minimal and more into a mix that’ll make you move. From the whynow studio, the French-Jamaican Londoner has been at it again, finding time amongst his schedule of planning some of London’s best nights.

Jada La Reign

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York JADALAREIGN is making waves. Her high-energy, floor-filling sets have led her to play her first Boiler Room set and be part of more through the grassroots radio platform, Halfmoon BK. In London for the first time, whynow captured her sound.

Nick Castle

Nick Castle is the founder of Labyrinth, which grew from nights at Notting Hill Arts Club to curating events at some of London’s most prestigious venues. With a penchant for house music, we welcome him with open arms to the whynow studio.


Argentinian-born DJ and producer Blixa brings his forceful sound and seamless mixing to the whynow studio. Mainly handling electronic and techno, Blixa is unafraid to occasionally let his Hispanic heritage through. He is a London-based resident, 1020radio regular, and co-founder of POLAR, a platform for local, up-and-coming DJs.

Joshua Murfitt

Already a regular of Phonox and XOYO, Josh Murfitt is going places. With a versatile track selection and a fearlessness to experiment, Murfitt has already played alongside Motor City Drum Ensemble, Jacques Greene and Kyle Hall.

Rampa  They Will Be