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25 Minutes – Episode 5: Tim Howell

Shem and Lukman spoke to Tim Howell, who travels to famous peaks around the globe as a mountaineer and BASE jumper. They chat about the risk and the reward of the sport, some of his near death experiences and more.

25 Minutes – Episode 4: Julia Toppin & Cheraine Donalea Scott

Shem & Lukman spoke to lecturer, English Teacher & Record Label owner Julia Toppin & PHD candidate & Lecturer, Cheraine Donalea Scott about Black British music movements & culture.

25 Minutes – Episode 3: Fabio Cao

Shem & Lukman chatted to Fabio Cao, who has travelled to 198 different countries. He describes his passion for travelling, his favourite country, most dangerous experiences and more.

25 Minutes – Episode 2: Darrel Blake

Shem & Lukman chatted to Darrel Blake, a London-based public speaker, teacher and activist. They discussed equality in the education system and much more.

25 Minutes – Episode 1: Dean Chalkley & Harris Elliott

Our new podcast by Shem & Lukman who sit down with tastemakers and influential guests from across the music, tech, arts and culture spectrum. All within a 25 minute count down. They spoke to prolific music photographer and filmmaker Dean Chalkley and fashion-industry creative director Harris Elliott. They explore everything surrounding Rudeboy heritage and culture, discussing their book and exhibition at Somerset House.

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