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whynow Weekly – Episode 6

This week, we aired our first episode of our new series, “Conscious Cooking” with chef Caspar Giri. In our Read section, We heard Charlie Mitchell's lockdown diary entry, Raphael Tiffou ticked off some films from his 300+ list, & Sammi Gale reviewed Vivarium. We also released more podcast episodes from 25 minutes and Worldwide Will.

25 Minutes – Episode 4: Julia Toppin & Cheraine Donalea Scott

Shem & Lukman spoke to lecturer, English Teacher & Record Label owner Julia Toppin & PHD candidate & Lecturer, Cheraine Donalea Scott about Black British music movements & culture.

Worldwide Will – Episode 4: Paul Nayman

This week, Will spoke to Paul Nayman, about his life and experiences in his three tours of Afghanistan. They discussed the difficulties of returning to normal life after service, how they both struggled with mental health issues and more.

whynow Weekly – Episode 5

This week we caught up with Legendary Musician, Ronnie Wood. We also explored the work of photographer Arina Voronova, who captured rare moments of romance in such trying times. Nicola Davies spoke to 21-year-old RnB artist Jasmine Jethwa & Percy Preston gave us the first entry o f his Lockdown Diary. On the listen section we had another episode from 25 minutes, where Shem & Lukman chatted to traveller, Fabio Cao, who has visited every country in the world.

25 Minutes – Episode 3: Fabio Cao

Shem & Lukman chatted to Fabio Cao, who has travelled to 198 different countries. He describes his passion for travelling, his favourite country, most dangerous experiences and more.

whynow Weekly – Episode 4

This week we spoke to hair stylist Sam McKnight, explored Tariq Disu's creative process & chatted to Berhana before his sold-out show at Village Underground. On the audio side, we had another episode from Worldwide Will, a mix from BOA & more.


BOA bring us an hour of distorted, ambient electronics, coinciding with the release of their debut album, Outer Gateways.

Worldwide Will – Episode 3: Tairon Coronel

Tairon Coronel discusses his upbringing in Columbia, to serving in Afghanistan and more in the latest episode of Worldwide Will.

Worldwide Will – Episode 2: Stefan Egan

Stefan Egan opens up about his difficult childhood, serving in Afghanistan whilst battling a drug addiction, and his new life and passions post-service.

25 Minutes – Episode 2: Darrel Blake

Shem & Lukman chatted to Darrel Blake, a London-based public speaker, teacher and activist. They discussed equality in the education system and much more.

Worldwide Will – Episode 1: Intro

Afghanistan veteran Will chats to fellow veterans about their lives. In the first episode, Will opens up about his own life and experiences.

whynow Weekly – Episode 3

This week we interviewed music video producer Ruff Mercy. We also chatted to UK Jazz mainstay Tenderlonious, & Brixton-born musician, Santino Le Saint, about his new mixtape. We also launched our Worldwide Will podcast series.

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