Down the Boozer with Lime Garden

An indie band! In a Shoreditch taphouse! What could possibly go wrong? Jake Denton went for a tipple with Brighton’s Lime Garden to find out. 

Lime Garden

Who are you?

Lime Garden. 

What can I get you? 

Four pints of Hells!

The scene of the Lime: The Barley Mow, 127 Curtain Road, EC2A 3BX

Not everyone at once!!!

Why don’t you abbreviate our names so the readers know who’s speaking? 

Good idea. So how did the band form? 

C:  Me, Annabel, and Leila met at music college in Guilford. Then we all moved to Brighton for uni and we met Tippi. 

Annabel Whittle, drummer

And then lockdown? 

A: Yeah. We released our first song (Surf N Turf) right before the first one.  Then it just sort of just picked up from there. 

Did that change the way you worked?

C: I  think the lockdowns were helpful actually, for us. 

A: We’re not one of these bands that particularly liked jamming anyway. 

L: We use a lot of electronic instruments…

C: It was weird though. The only time we’d message each other was to send each other stems or to be like, miss you!

Is it fair to say you’re friends first, bandmates second? 

A: Oh yeah! 

T: Yep. 

C: One hundred percent. 

L: Definitely.

Tell me about Brighton. 

T: I love it, man. I’ve lived there three years and I’m still not bored.

A: It is small, though. 

C: The scene’s really supportive. There’s more competition in London. Now we’ve got a point where we feel quite confident in ourselves, we want that. 

Tippi Morgan, bass

London or Brighton?

T: The North. 

L: Tippi defends the North till the end. 

T: I’ll always defend the North. 

Do you consider yourselves a ‘girl band’? 

L: We prefer to play and do stuff and not make a thing out of it. 

C: We’re a band. Not a girl band. It’s not a genre. It’s not a thing. I think bands like us, Goat Girl, HAIM are just making music and not trying to put emphasis on the fact that we’re women. Don’t get me wrong: I love the Spice Girls as much as anyone, but the girl band thing is fucking gimmicky. 

I love the Spice Girls as much as anyone, but the girl band thing is fucking gimmicky

Noted. Who are your influences? 

C: Fleetwood Mac. 

T: Abba. Can’t get enough of Abba. Leila hates Abba. 

L: I’m the only one here who hates them. 

A: Talking Heads. 

Do you have any pre-show rituals? 

A:  There’s always a lot of dancing. We do hype dances before we go on. Gotta get the nerves out. 

C: When I step on stage I try to embody someone else. Because I’m quite awkward in real life I like to imagine I’m Beyonce or someone. 

Chloe Howard, vocals/guitar

What’s next for Lime Garden?

T: We’re playing Paris in November.

C: World domination.

L: I’m gonna leave it on that. 

You can listen to Lime Garden’s latest single ‘Pulp’ here:

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