First trailer for Magic Mike’s Last Dance promises one last show

magic mike's last dance

Director Steven Soderbergh returns to close out the Magic Mike trilogy with Magic Mike’s Last Dance

The first trailer for Magic Mike’s Last Dance has found its way online. The second sequel to 2012’s Magic Mike promises one last show, set in London this time around, for the fans of Channing Tatum’s stripper saga. It looks like we’re in for some more pumping and grinding. What started as a deeply personal project for Tatum, a former stripper, has grown into a giant global franchise with a spin-off stage show of sorts. 

The film jets Mike (Tatum) off to London with Salma Hayek’s mysterious benefactor, who offers Mike a chance to put on a show like no other. Mike jumps at the chance to produce his own show, but will this be the last we see of Mike Lane and his abs? 

Check out the trailer below. 

There’s no sign of Mike’s old buddies Richie, Ken, Tito or Tarzan nor Matthew McConaughey’s Dallas who made the first film so memorable. There does, however, seem to be a whole new squad of dancers who are ready to get all hot and bothered on stage. Whether the film somehow ties into London’s Magic Mike show remains to be seen.

Director Steven Soderbergh who directed the 2012 original but skipped the 2015 sequel, returns to bring Mike’s story to a close. Throughout the trilogy, Tatum’s character has struggled with his dreams and ‘making it’ so perhaps Magic Mike’s Last Dance gives him a chance to finally be happy. 

It might be hard to believe, but the first two films are actually pretty brilliant. The third film comes to cinemas just in time for Valentine’s Day, courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures. 

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Magic Mike’s Last Dance will be released in cinemas February 10, 2023.

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