Listen to new Shambolics single, ‘Attention’, featuring Kyle Falconer

Scotland's indie-rock golden lads have put out a new single ahead of their album release in February. Listen to Shambolics' 'Attention' below:

shambolics new single

Ahead of the 16 February release of their debut album, Dreams, Schemes and Young Teams, Fife five-piece Shambolics have released the second single from their upcoming record, featuring a collaboration with The View’s Kyle Falconer.

‘Attention’ holds true to the band’s Arctic Monkeys, The Streets-inflected roots – have a listen below:

On the decision to collaborate with Falconer, vocalist/guitarist Darren Forbes said: 

“Kyle was of course huge in Scotland when we were growing up – we used to idolise him, so working with him was a dream come true. He has such a great head for melody, and we learned a lot about that from him. The reason he’s so good is that he’s constantly playing, constantly singing, constantly writing songs and that was a lesson for us. Instead of writing in between live gigs, we know we need to be writing all the time when we can to become that good.” 

Falconer added: “We wrote this in Spain and it was a very natural flow. It reminded me of how the early View songs used to happen… just beers and smiles.” 

Dreams, Schemes and Young Teams is available to pre-order here.

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