Lou Sanders at Edinburgh Fringe review | ‘Wow’ is the word

I genuinely don’t think Lou Sanders will mind my describing her set as ‘unhinged’. It was as unpredictable as it was hilarious. 

Lou Sanders


Her show ostensibly deals with two things: her ongoing campaign to control her ego and her quest to roller skate – with love, loss and healing crystals along the way.

Lou’s performance is energetic, erratic and delectably vindictive. When someone slips out the back, she shouts after her and announces, “probably a medical emergency, I hope it’s a medical emergency”. She returns to the walk-out several times through the rest of the show, and the imagined medical emergency is cemented as a prolapsed vagina.


But there’s a softer side to Lou, told through her diary, which she reads aloud from on stage, about the relationship she forms with a man she meets at the skate park. She charts her ups and downs, in love and on the ramp, with a bravado which belies her vulnerability.

The jokes have shock value – the moral code for dating much younger men, inadvertently arousing a horse, endangering life as an NHS first responder – and they come thick and fast. Her masterful, charismatic performance will have you rapt, and her off-beat asides will keep you on the edge of your seat. Just don’t be tempted to get off it – unless, of course, it’s a medical emergency.

Lou Sanders’ ‘One Word: Wow’ is on at Monkey Barrel 3 every day at 17:45 at The Fringe.

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