Michel Haddi | Capturing the essence of Bowie, JLo, and Debbie Harry in ‘Beyond Fashion’

Michel Haddi's first major solo show in Milan chronicles 40 years of capturing cultural icons, transcending the world of fashion.

Debbie Harry British Vogue New York 1994 Michel Haddi

In his first major solo show in Milan, Michel Haddi chronicles 40 years of capturing cultural icons, transcending the world of fashion.

Above: Jennifer Lopez for French Vogue in Malibu, 1994, Copyright: Michel Haddi

From a Parisian orphanage to capturing the highest culture of the late 20th century, Michel Haddi’s first major solo exhibition in Milan promises a photographic journey that goes above and beyond fashion.

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Set to open on 19th October at 29 Arts in Progress gallery, Michel Haddi: Beyond Fashion offers an extraordinary lens into Haddi’s 40-year career. The French-Algerian photographer will showcase a veritable pantheon of cultural icons — from Isabella Rossellini and David Bowie to Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Campbell.

Kate Moss Brit. GQ New York 1991 Michel Haddi

Kate Moss, New York, 1991. Haddi’s take is intimate, personal and unconventional, just like much of his career

Georgia May Jagger Michel Haddi

Georgia May Jagger for Gala Magazine in Paris in 2017. On display will be the most exemplary images of a career spanning more than 40 years

The retrospective, unfolding over two phases, demonstrates Haddi’s rare ability to encapsulate an era through his celebrity portraits. His take is intimate and personal, a tribute to a life spent capturing “the deepest essence of his subjects.”

Raised in the Sisters of Saint Vincent de Paul Orphanage in Paris, Haddi was introduced to photography through copies of Vogue his mother would bring him. He eventually left Paris, working in cities across the world. Mentorship under Victor Herbert set him on a path that led to collaborations with global publications, from Vogue to Rolling Stone.

Michel Haddi - Debi Mazar British Vogue New York 1994

Debi Mazar for British Vogue in New York in 1994. Haddi was born in 1956 in Paris to a French soldier he never knew and an Algerian Muslim mother

Malcolm X’s daughters, Ilyasah Shabazz & Gamilah Shabazz Interview Magazine, New York, 1992 Michel Haddi

Malcolm X’s daughters, Ilyasah Shabazz & Gamilah Shabazz, photographed in New York in 1992. Haddi had a turbulent childhood, moving between foster homes until the age of six; eventually, he ended up at the Sisters of Saint Vincent de Paul orphanage in Paris

michel haddi veruschka von lehndorff

Haddi photographed Veruschka von Lehndorff, the German aristocrat, actress and model, in London in 1989. Haddi’s mother brought him copies of Vogue which fascinated him throughout his childhood, looking at the photos of great photographers

Kylie Minogue Michel Haddi

Kylie Minogue was shot at the Raymond Revue Bar in London for Vogue in 1990. Haddi aspired to leave Paris and become a photographer while working in a famous restaurant where he met personalities from the world of fashion and many stars

Angelina Jolie Michel Haddi

Angelina Jolie and Adrien Brody photographed for Vogue in 1993. In 1970, after a journey that took him by way of Saudi Arabia, Michel began assisting various photographers

Debbie Harry British Vogue New York 1994 Michel Haddi

Debbie Harry in 1994 for British Vogue. In 1980 Haddi opened his first studio and then began collaborating with magazines such as American GQ, Jardin des Modes and British Vogue

Stephanie Seymour Michel Haddi

Stephanie Seymour, for Esquire in 1991. In 1981 Haddi was commissioned by Vogue Hommes for a ten-page photoshoot, which resulted in a long and fruitful collaboration

Isabella Rossellini, Vogue Hommes, New York, 1994 Michel Haddi courtsey of 29 Arts in Progress Gallery

Isabella Rossellini, for Vogue Hommes in 1994. From 1989 on Haddi moved around New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Milan working for more than 30 years as one of the leading photographers in fashion

Jean Paul Gaultier Michel Haddi

Jean Paul Gaultier for Mirabella in New York in 1993. A photographer and film director, Haddi is now based in London where he also manages a publishing house, MHS publishing, which publishes his own books

Michel Haddi David Bowie

David Bowie by Michel Haddi in 1993. Haddi’s work will go on show in Milan on 19th October until 16th March

The exhibition itself is a rich tapestry of black and white studio photographs and vibrant shots that evoke a 90s American atmosphere. It also includes advertising campaigns Haddi created for brands such as Versace, Chanel, and Yves Saint-Laurent.

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To deepen the audience’s interaction with his work, live events featuring Haddi himself will animate the exhibition. Details on this are expected to be announced soon.

The gallery in Via San Vittore 13 will open its doors to the public on Thursday, 19th October, with the exhibition running until 16th March 2024.

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