New Music Friday | Featuring Key To The City by Sorry

Circumstances are such that I’ll keep this short. Nonetheless, life goes on, and there’s still been plenty of beautiful music released this week. Here’s our pick of the best.

New Music Friday

Sorry – Key To The City

North London outfit Sorry have released this deceptively tender new track on Domino, ahead of the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album, Anywhere But Here, due 7 October. I say “deceptively” as, despite its soft, meandering sound, the track has been described by the band as “a kind of tender “fuck you” at the dying moment of a relationship you don’t necessarily want to end”. Very fair enough.

Jockstrap – What’s It All About?

Idiosyncratic duo Jockstrap have released their brilliant new album, I Love You Jennifer B, today. ‘What’s It All About?’ captures both its nostalgic, sepia-toned soundscape and its existential messaging. Let’s face it, over the last few years, I’m sure it’s a question we’ve all pondered more than once.

Greentea Peng – Lose My Mind

The alluringly spiritual Greentea Peng has also dropped an album today – well, a mixtape to be precise. Typically mystical, GREENZONE 108 is a project to unwind to, allowing your mind to flutter into the aether. Read our 4-star review of the mixtape here.

John Legend – Waterslide

The highest-profile artist on the list. ‘Waterslide’ admittedly has the air of Pharrell’s seemingly ubiquitous ‘Happy’ about it, which borders on the anodyne, sure, but it’s a feel-good hit. And I’m sure we could all do with a little pick-me-up.

Jordana – Is It Worth It Now?

US bedroom pop artist Jordana’s first release since her debut album, Face The Wall in May, this track sounds like it could quite conceivably be on Phoebe Green’s recent, critically well-received album. Funnily enough, Jordana will be in Phoebe’s stomping ground of Manchester later this year, having been on tour virtually non-stop since her debut album.

Beacon – Mile a Minute

Brooklyn-based electronic duo Beacon, made up of Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett, have also dropped a new album today, Along the Lethe – the name for which derives from Greek mythology. But don’t take my word for it; we recently spoke to the pair about the making of their album, among other thing. Have a read here.

Grave Goods – Miles

Post-punk trio Grave Goods are another existentialist addition to this list. Their new album out today, Tuesday. Nothing Exists, has a Dry Cleaning-esque quality, turning the mundane into moments of release.

MF Tomlinson – Winter Time Blues

Something softer now, to accompany the incoming change of seasons. Born in Brisbane, but now based in London, MF Tomlinson no doubt knows all about the fluctuating of the seasons and the impact of that on the inner self. Here’s his ‘Winter Time Blues’, which as his lyrics so brilliantly state, are “doing my fucking head in / After all, for Christ’s sake, I’m an Australian”.

Elron Gardy – Reflex and Movement

This is Elron Gardy’s first release – but you wouldn’t think it. Spiralling, whining, even a little eerie, it’s a strong debut and bodes well for future things. Keep tabs on this elusive singer.

Blood Orange – Jesus Freak Lighter

Blood Orange has some new music out. That’s worth celebrating. It always is.

To everyone, it’s a tough, even dour mood. I appreciate that. Have the best weekends you can have in the circumstance.

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