New Music Friday – July 1

Glastonbury’s over. And hopefully now the clean-up is too. We may not still be dancing together in a field (unless of course you’re heading to Wireless’ Crystal Palace venue this weekend), but we can all still enjoy new music – especially you, nutters.

New Music Friday

Glastonbury’s over. And hopefully now the clean-up is too. We may not still be dancing together in a field (unless of course you’re heading to Wireless’ Crystal Palace venue this weekend), but we can all still enjoy new music – especially you, nutters.

Paolo Nutini – Everywhere

After eight years since his last album, Paolo Nutini has finally dropped his latest one, Last Night in the Bittersweet. Whilst the self-described fanbase of ‘Nutters’ will be wondering who on earth ‘Abigail’ and ‘Julianne’ are – two tracks named on the album – ‘Everywhere’ encapsulates the very best of Nutini’s searching, husky vocals, layered over raw guitar.

Max Tundra – Lights

Hyperpop is a well-established sound these days, popularised by well-known artists like A.G. Cook, the late, great Sophie and of course earlier Charli XCX. Max Tundra is one of the pioneers of this movement and, 14 years since his last solo album, he’s reissued three of his critically acclaimed records. This lovely nostalgic touch has been complimented by a remix of ‘Lights’ from A.G. Cook no less, who described first hearing the track as a teenager and realised “that music is a place where anything could happen, and total chaos could be held together by the lightest of pop hooks.”

Sophie May – Drop in the Ocean

Sophie May is doing a fine job transposing her relatable lyricism and catchy melodies from TikTok over to the main streaming platforms. With her debut EP, You Do Not Have To Be Good, has been given a release date of 5th August. ‘Drop In The Ocean’ follows a handful of singles already put out by the 23-year-old Londoner. You don’t have to be good, sure, but Sophie sure as hell is. Check here for our interview with her a little while ago.

BEX – Bite My Tongue

Hailing from Guildford, BEX is just 19-years-old, but already dropping punk-rock albums that could pack a room could – and do – get the masses moshing. Originally titled ‘Chez’, ‘Bite My Tongue’ now stands as a mantra for BEX; or, rather, a reminder to do just the opposite, speak up for the things she cares about and not be afraid.

Hagan – Sise Ntweni

British-Ghanaian producer Hagan is a recognisable force among UK afro-centric scenes. He’s produced a glorious track that will fit in many a set this summer and features his signature groove. South African, Zulu vocalist Aymos provides the vocals, which Hagan has described as having “a universal spiritual presence that can be felt by all ears whether you understand the South African language, Zulu, or not.”

Oscar Lang – I’ve Never Been to L.A.

The first of Oscar Lang’s releases since his well-received debut album, Chew The Scenery, sees him team up with fellow Dirty Hit labelmate and someone who definitely has been to L.A. (living there in fact), Wallice. The psychedelic, lo-fi indie rock tune feels like something of a throwback, transporting you not just to L.A. but to a simpler, more joyful time.

Pale Waves – Jealousy

Staying with Dirty Hit and Pale Waves in fact have little to be jealous over with their new tune, which premiered through BBC Radio 1 as one of their Hottest Records. ‘Jealousy’ comes ahead of the Mancunian band’s new album Unwanted and was recorded in L.A. (more people who’ve gone there) with renowned producer Zakk Cervini (Blink-182, Yungblud, Grimes, to name just a few credits).

The Mono LPs – You Say

The genuine depth of feeling makes this a delightful track, albeit born from loss, explained best by the Liverpool band’s lead vocalist and songwriter Ste Reid: “I wrote ‘You Say’ after the death of my mother. She was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and the whole family moved back into the family home to look after her. This song tells the story of what happened.”

Superorganism – Into The Sun

Pinch, punch, first of the month; a month, as it so happens that sees the release of Superorganism’s second album right in the middle of it (15th July, to be precise). True to their name, Superorganism have ebbed and flowed in recent years, but are now more fixed on the core members of Orono, Harry, Tucan, B and Soul. Featuring legendary Japanese actor and musician Gen Hoshino (who the band have worked with before) as well as cameos from Stephen Malkmus and Pi Ja Ma, ‘Into the Sun’ epitomises their real mish-mash of alt-rock sounds.

Lava La Rue – Don’t Come Back

With their new EP ‘Hi-Fidelity’ set for release on 29 July, Lava La Rue has dropped new track ‘Don’t Come Back’. The West London musician, designer and founding member of alt-pop collective NINE8 has described the track as about “being in a relationship where you know that person isn’t good for you. But you can’t help but go back and forth with them. Instead of ripping off the band aid, it’s tearing it off slowly, and scratching at the scabs.” If this is what that sounds like, maybe it’s no bad thing.

Enjoy your post-Glastonbury weekends, one and all.

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