New Music Friday | Featuring ‘This Is What I Mean’ by Stormzy

If you’re reading this, chances are you care about nothing more right now than England’s victory in the upcoming game against USA. If you’re reading this sober, and fancy some warm-up tunes, here they are. 

New Music Friday Stormzy

Stormzy – This Is What I Mean

For the most part, Stormzy’s new album is a more soulful affair compared to the rapper many have come to know – and is a brilliant, touching listen for that very reason. Its titular track, however, boasts some of the Stormzy of old. And this time, he means it. 

Lola Young – Stream Of Consciousness

‘Stream of Consciousness’ charts Lola Young’s diaristic account of self-discovery and her experiences venturing into womanhood.“It’s a contemplation of who I am, my insecurities, the mistakes I have made and what I’ve learned from them to grow into the young woman I am becoming,” the 21-year-old has said.

Eli Smart – Baby Benzing

One of our personal favourites, Hawaiian native, Liverpool-educated Eli Smart, shares his new EP Aloha Soul, featuring ‘Baby Benzing’  

Louis Culture – Bezel

Louis Culture also drops an EP of his own today, When Life Presents Obstacle, touching on identity, relationships and – as its title suggests – overcoming life’s challenges. “Everything I want to say is on there, everything I want you to know is on there,” Louis has said. “Love, grief, success, ends, depression, pain, being up, being skint, lust, motivation, adolescence, oblivion, perseverance and optimism. Hoping there’s at least one song that makes you feel less alone.”

Somadina – Dreams

In this wide-ranging, 11-track project produced by Grammy-nominated Soft Glas & GMK, Nigeria’s Somadina, Nigerian alté star, plants a powerful impression.  

Azekel (feat. Kwesi Arthur) – Dupè

Featuring another whynow favourite on the list, Kwesi Arthur (by now, you should get the message: if we interview them, we support them), this track from Azekel is a track that expresses gratitude for the presence of feminine life. 

Sunny War (feat. David Rawlings) – Higher

‘Higher’ was written a few days after Sunny’s ex collected the last of his belongings, knowing it was over when she “didn’t even have the energy to fight anymore” and trying to figure out how to get back to someone who respected themself. For anyone in and out of relationships, it may strike a nerve. 

Jeshi – This Thing Of Ours

Times are tough for many, Universal Credit, a new two-disc EP from Jeshi out today, might be just the relatable, leftfield assortment of tracks we need to push us through it.

LINN – Okay, Sister

Copenhagen DIY avant-pop artist LINN offers us something more leftfield here, with a twinkly, lullaby-like tune. ‘Okay, Sister’ comes ahead of her forthcoming EP Femte Dimension, out on 19 January. 

Leila Moss (feat. Jehnny Beth) – Ache In The Middle

Ahead of her new album Internal Working Model on 13 January via Bella Union, Liela Moss shares her new single ‘Ache In The Middle’ featuring French artist Jehnny Beth.

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