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Architecture After the Virus

The pandemic that has shocked the world will remain in our collective memory for years to come. What habits and fears will we inherit from these eye-opening months? The built world, as usual, will respond to our needs as we adapt our environment to new anxieties and priorities.

Spring in Art 5: The Bored Girls of Spring, Part One

Inspired by David Hockney’s ‘Do remember they can’t cancel spring’, we’re exploring springtime in art history. This time it’s Whistler’s ‘The Little White Girl’, introducing a new sub-genre in spring in art – bored women in white dresses, images which uncannily echo our own time of isolation.

We should all be wearing trash, full stop. – Kristi Kruser interview

NYC-based artist and stylist Kristi Kruser is the interdisciplinary trash queen fighting a culture that, in her words, “delineates everything as disposable.” Having been mentored by various kinds of image makers and producers before settling into fashion styling, she fearlessly questions mainstream understanding of materiality.

Grand Tales: My grandmother Astrid Briedis

In the third chapter of Grand Tales, Cristina Macia Briedis recounts her grandmother Astrid's life: escaping the Soviet army on foot from Latvia to Spain and on her pertinent advice, 'be the first ray of sunshine'.

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