Ringo Starr announces new EP ‘Rewind Forward’, featuring Paul McCartney

We're getting treated to a fresh Beatles reunion, as Ringo Starr announces his new EP, Rewind Forward, featuring contributions from former bandmate Paul McCartney.

Ringo Starr Rewind Forward Paul McCartney

Coming hot on the heels of his three previous EPs, Rewind Forward marks Starr’s fourth release in three years, boasting an all-star cast of rock legends.

Slated to drop on 13 October, this compact EP squeezes in four tracks, giving fans a taster with the title track coming this Friday (25 August).

So what’s with the confusing title? “‘Rewind Forward’ was something I said out of the blue,” Starr explained in a press release (via Ultimate Classic Rock). “It’s just one of those lines like ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. It just came to me. But it doesn’t really make sense…” he mused, adding, “I was trying to explain it to myself and the best I can tell you about what it means is: sometimes when you want to go forward you have to go back first.”

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So no need to be confused, dear reader; it doesn’t even make sense to Ringo himself.

Written alongside engineer Bruce Sugar, who’s become Starr’s sidekick across various EPs, Rewind Forward showcases collaborations with a rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame roster of “old and new” friends.

Paul McCartney lends his voice to the track ‘Feeling The Sunlight’, the second cut from the EP, while former Heartbreakers Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench stamp their mark on the closing track ‘Miss Jean’.

You can also expect to see Toto guitarist Steve Lukather – part of Starr’s All Starr Band – teaming up with Toto singer Joseph Williams for ‘Shadows on the Wall’. That’s not all; Joe Walsh, Steve Dudas, Lance Morrison, Matt Bissonnette, Torrance Klein, Weston Wilson, Kipp Lennon, and Marky Lennon have all contributed.

Recorded mostly in Ringo’s LA home studio, apart from ‘Feeling the Sunlight’, which soaked up the UK vibes, Rewind Forward’s full tracklist is:

  1. ‘Shadows on the Wall’
  2. ‘Feeling the Sunlight’
  3. ‘Rewind Forward’
  4. ‘Miss Jean’

The EP builds on Starr’s prolific spree, following his recent releases Zoom In and Change The World in 2021 and EP3 last September.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a bit of live Ringo action, the Rewind Forward release coincides with the last day of his All Starr Band’s US tour, which kicks off in Nevada on 15 September, wrapping up in Oklahoma.

But Rewind Forward isn’t the only Starr-McCartney jam this year. The two united earlier this month for Dolly Parton’s rock-ified cover of ‘Let It Be’, also featuring Mick Fleetwood and Peter Frampton. A match made in rock heaven, right?

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And speaking of The Beatles, Starr recently weighed in on the upcoming ‘last’ Beatles song, crafted with a bit of AI magic by McCartney. “It’s not down to AI. It’s not like we’re pretending anything. That is actually John’s voice, Paul’s voice and bass playing, George [Harrison] on rhythm guitar and me on drums,” he revealed. “The two things that are new are Paul’s bass and me on drums… I really worked at it just months ago here. And it works,” he added confidently. “It’s a beautiful song. You know, for all the madness going on around it, it’s still a beautiful track. And our last track.”

With Rewind Forward, Ringo Starr is clearly still on a rock ‘n’ roll high, blending the past with the future in an EP that promises to be as unpredictable as its name.