Sigrid announces ‘The Hype’ EP, along with a new single

Sigrid fans, thank me later - the Norwegian artist has a new EP coming at the end of the month. Check out the tracklist, and listen to new single, 'Ghost', below:


Following on from her 2022 second album, How to Let Go, Scandinavian pop phenomenon Sigrid has announced a new EP, due out on 27 October. A statement announcing the project has called the four-song quartet “a “short and snappy” insight into new creative ruination and a year of experimentation.” Lot of long words in there, but we think that means it’ll be good?

Co-produced by Sigrid, The Hype EP marks her first new music since her last album gave her both critical and commercial success, reaching #2 in the UK and #1 in her home turf of Norway.

Listen to ‘Ghost,’ the new single also featured on the EP, below:

On the decision to release a new EP, Sigrid said: “For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a thing for everything that is catchy – especially melodies you just can’t get out of your head. It doesn’t really matter what genre it is, as long as I wanna put it on repeat. No wonder I started making pop music! I’ve never really wanted to make one type of pop song, I just wanna write good songs.

“I’ve been writing and writing, and I felt like releasing one single this year just wasn’t enough, so I decided to put out an EP to show where I’m at now musically. I love the format: short and snappy, but enough time to showcase different sides to the songwriting, the story and the sound.

“On the Hype EP I’ve written about wondering if you really did live up to the expectations, messing up, getting over someone, and: you’ll be fine! And I hope these lyrics will give you comfort in reading them, and the melodies make you wanna put it on repeat:).”

Check out the full The Hype tracklist below:

  1. The Hype

  2. Borderline

  3. Ghost

  4. Wanted It To Be You

The Hype EP is available from 27 October from Island Records. You’ll be able to pre-order from Sigrid’s official website soon.

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