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Frequently Asked Questions

What is whynow?
whynow creates videos, articles and podcasts with a positive philosophy for the next generation. whynow started in 2018 with idea of becoming an online media company on a mission, we want to tell personal, powerful and positive stories.
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Access to a building library of videos, articles and more. Each month we publish at least 4 videos and 40 articles.

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Whynow is priced at £7 a month if you wish to pay month by month or £3 a month if you pay yearly, or £99 for a lifetime membership.

Why should I pay?

why now? Because it’s never been more necessary.

whynow is a new platform which aims to tell personal, powerful, and positive stories.
We are a team of creatives that work across videos, podcasts, music and journalism to bring you new British stories.
It’s not about what we do, it’s about why we do it.

it’s a fundamental belief to us that journalism costs money, we use your subscription to pay journalists, editors and other creators.

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Visit the my account page and find the Cancel button under your subscription.

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