Arthur Timothy

Artist Arthur Timothy describes his paintings as ‘love letters’ to his family. Inspired by a trunk of old black and white photos, his life-size canvases invoke childhood memories.

An Interview: Episode 12

Gideon Summerfield

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Big Zuu Interview

Big Zuu (An Interview: SO2 EP06)

We caught up with Big Zuu about his rise to stardom - from freestyling at his local youth club, to becoming a household name in the grime scene, the BAFTA nominated TV chef and author is a man of many talents.

putty mask

Wilfrid Wood (An Interview: Episode 10)

Wilfrid Wood transforms well-known faces into playful, yet uncanny portraits. The artist invites us into his studio and explains why, to him, the human face is the most fascinating thing in the universe.

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