Bertie Miller & Dave Waters

Bertie Miller & Dave Waters, who together run the ad agency ‘Watermill’, have been plying their trade for years. Miller is the founder of Spectre, which was voted the most successful production company for six years, whilst Waters helped run a top 20 London ad agency for 20 years. Here are our ‘Ad Men’, in their own words.

Chasing Ad Men: Episode 01


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Paul Berke

Paul Burke (Chasing Ad Men: Episode 03)

Paul Burke’s natural wit has made him a hit in the world of advertising, in which he’s worked with Rowan Atkinson, Jack Dee, Joanna Lumley and more. Burke’s particular love for radio commercials has made him a specialist in voice acting.

bald man glasses

Dave Dye (Chasing Ad Men: Episode 02)

Art director (‘creative bloke’, as he terms it) Dave Dye has set-up three agencies. He’s an ad man who knows how to cut to the chase, so without further ado, watch him here as part of our ‘Ad Men’ series.

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