Griff Taylor Swift

Vertigo review | Griff’s debut album soars with heart and precision

Griff’s debut album Vertigo features fourteen polished pop tracks that combine emotional storytelling with flawless production, making it a standout moment in contemporary music.

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Cigarettes After Sex(1)

X’s review | Cigarettes After Sex take us on a hypnotic journey through love and loss

Cigarettes After Sex return with X’s, merging slowcore and dream-pop to create a record that perfectly captures the essence of a broken relationship

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Clairo Charm

Charm review | Clairo takes us on a lush journey through modern nostalgia

In Charm, Clairo collaborates with Leon Michels to deliver an album rich in melody, groove, and emotional depth, bridging pop, R&B, and soft rock.

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Hozier at Finsbury Park review | Folk-pop’s master craftsman dazzles at his largest London show

Playing his largest-ever London show, folk-pop hero Hozier indulged the Finsbury Park audience to a spellbinding set suffused with Irish heritage.

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