Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury 2023

The most memorable moments of Glastonbury 2023

Another year, another Glastonbury done and dusted. As with every Worthy Farm get-together, plonking 200,000-odd people in a field full of tunes stirs up some considerable moments – and some instances that go beyond just the music. Here are the most memorable things about Glastonbury 2023. 

Glastonbury 2022

Things we learnt from Glastonbury 2022 (that we actually already knew)

The music is over. The clean-up begins. But what did we all learn? In short, nothing. But that’s life. You live, you die, and there’s a copious amount of music in-between. Here’s a bunch of stuff we “learnt” from Glastonbury 2022 – things we in fact already knew before but were merely reminded of this year. Affirmations, if you will. 

Glastonbury Festival 2022 - Day One

In Photos | Glastonbury 2022 opening days

The opening days of Glastonbury, until the main acts take to the stage from Friday onwards, can often feel like a liminal period of waiting. But after the three-year delay to this year's Glastonbury, it felt like the waiting was over from Wednesday. Here's a snapshot of some of the (half-drunken) revelry that has already descended on Worthy Farm in the opening two days.


Glastonbury 2022 | Hidden gems you may have missed

Unless you’ve been stuck under a Pyramid Stage-sized rock, or stranded somewhere due to the strikes, without access to – well, anything – you’ll be aware Glastonbury 2022 is underway. And what’s more, it returns after three years in the doldrums – but you knew that too.