Ava Lily

whynow is the time to listen to… Ava Lily

RnB and pop artist Ava Lily invites you to the Sunday Music Club, her latest EP which navigates through sobriety, self-destructive tendencies and finding self-love across five tracks, rounding-off with a live version of ‘Nobody Loves Me Like I Do’ as a showcase of her summersaulting vocals.

Burt Bacharach

Burt Bacharach | The standard-bearer for pop song-writing

The life of Burt Bacharach, who died on Thursday at his home in L.A. aged 94, spanned most of the revolutions in 20th century music – pop, rock, classical, jazz, his songwriting made use of this rich spectrum of possibility. Yet Bacharach’s music was distinct, his legacy multifarious.

Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson: ‘I was either going to be a musician, a skateboarder or a stuntman’

Matt Maeson’s background as an artists is unconventional, to say the least, having grown up in Virginia with parents who forbid him to listen to anything outside the realm of Christian music. We caught up with the singer-songwriter at his first gig in the UK in six years to discuss touring in prisons, performing with Lana Del Ray and the challenges and distractions in the world of music.


whynow is the time to listen to… Emmeline

In the next instalment of our series on emerging talent, we speak to the budding new artist about her love for lyrics, that chance encounter and her forthcoming debut EP, Satellite Navigation System, out later this month (28 October).


whynow is the time to listen to... Heartworms

Recently signed to the well-respected Speedy Wunderground label, Heartworms is an artist to keep your eyes and ears on. Real name Jojo Orme, it’s not just her impressive, post-punk sound or compelling live performances that mark her out, but her depth of spirit and influences.