Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson: ‘I was either going to be a musician, a skateboarder or a stuntman’

Matt Maeson’s background as an artists is unconventional, to say the least, having grown up in Virginia with parents who forbid him to listen to anything outside the realm of Christian music. We caught up with the singer-songwriter at his first gig in the UK in six years to discuss touring in prisons, performing with Lana Del Ray and the challenges and distractions in the world of music.

Mauvey whynow Is The Time To Listen To...

whynow is the time to listen to… Mauvey

Whilst his music might defy categorisation, his ambition certainly doesn’t. And with a new song out now, ‘WE HAD THE TIME OF OUR LIVES TOGETHER’, featuring Canadian star Lights, we caught up with Mauvey for our series on emerging artists.