Film Stories Presents Movie Geek Live Comes To London This June

Simon Brew is bringing his rather brilliant Film Stories Presents Movie Geek Live to Leicester Square on June 23.

movie geek live

Simon Brew is bringing his Film Stories Presents Movie Geek Live show to Leicester Square on June 23. 

Love films? Good, so do we. Think you know a lot about films? You probably do, but I can promise you, you know nothing compared to Mr. Simon Brew. You may know him as the founder of Den of Geek or the Editor-In-Chief of Film Stories and Film Stories Junior, but he is first and foremost, a film fan. His love and neverending curiosity towards cinema is infectious, so even if you hate films at the start, you’ll probably love them by the end. 

Simon is a humble man, but we think he’s pretty swell. His Film Stories podcast just won Best Entertainment and Culture Podcast at the Publisher Podcast Awards and the live shows have been a big hit in Birmingham. It’s about time Simon brings his humour and knowledge down to London! He’s taking over one of the screens in the Vue on Leicester Square and is taking every precaution to create a safe and welcoming environment for film fans to come join him in nerding out about movies. 

Movie Geek Live is all about celebrating cinema and films. There will be exciting guests, although rumour is that Kevin Costner still isn’t replying to Simon’s emails so count him out. There will also be plenty of jokes and there’s even talk about a quiz. One thing is for sure; it will be a night to remember for film nerds so we recommend you get a ticket ASAP before they’re all gone. 


The show itself consists of Simon talking about films (obviously), showing clips, bringing on guests and also taking questions from the audience. So if you have any burning film-related questions, Simon is here to answer them. He also absolutely loves Geostorm, so expect him to mention it at least once during the show. 

Film Stories Presents Movie Geek Live is happening on June 23 and you can get tickets here, we really recommend it.

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