New Music Friday Lana Del Rey

New Music Friday | Featuring ‘Say Yes To Heaven’ by Lana Del Rey

This week’s new releases sees old favourites mix with some of the most compelling new artists out there, from Lana Del Rey and Kesha to Trout, Do Nothing and HotWax.

Lana Del Rey – Say Yes To Heaven

Only a month-and-a-half from her poetically-penned ninth studio album, Lana Del Rey goes and delivers another pared-back offering in ‘Say Yes To Heaven’. Co-written with Rick Nowels in 2012, a leaked version of the track was picked up online by fans. Whether that’s the reason for its release or not doesn’t matter, we’re simply happy it’s out officially in the world.

Kesha – Living In My Head

Amid all the well-documented legal issues Kesha has been facing with producer Dr. Luke, it’s great to see an artist finding solace and a sense of daringness in her art. Acoustic, breathy ‘Living In My Head’ embodies this essence of the singer’s brand-new album Gag Order more than most. 

Trout – Gutter

Liverpool-based Trout is a catch, pure and simple. Hazy indie-rock banger ‘Gutter’ was self-produced by the 23-year-old, who is also the latest signing to Chess Club Records, which is a formidable force in nurturing some of the best emerging talent. It certainly sounds like they’ve bagged themselves another future star. 

Daniel Avery – Going So Low

Daniel Avery’s Ultra Truth was one of the standout electronic albums from last year. And following the recent release of upbeat, pop-infused banger ‘On & On’ with Confidence Man, the producer and DJ has this week dropped a surprise seven-track project of B-sides titled More Truth – which is aptly-titled given ‘more’ is exactly what we wanted from him.

Do Nothing – Moving Target

The latest offering ahead of Do Nothing’s debut album Snake Sideways, set for release on 30 June, ‘Moving Target’ is a dreamy tune that captures some of the terrific melancholy heard on the full record. It also arrives with a wholesome video shot by a GoPro that was strapped to frontman Chris Bailey’s head. Enjoy.

HotWax – All I Want

HotWax’s brand-new EP, A Thousand Times, dropped today, fresh off the back of their terrific showing at The Great Escape Festival (one of our highlight acts there, in fact). Like Trout and Do Nothing also on this week’s release slate, this Hastings trio are certainly ones to keep an ear out for. Beyond fuzzy guitar number ‘All I Want’, give the full EP a listen now. 

Sophie May – The Babysitter

We’ve shouted-out tunes from Sophie May a fair bit for the simple fact they always deliver. The London artist’s latest track, ‘The Babysitter’, sounds even more mature than previous offerings, with its simple, pared-back acoustics and husky vocals – which is ironic for a track inspired by one of the singer’s relationships that made previous ones seem childish. 

Lewis Capaldi – Heavenly Kind Of State Of Mind

Lewis Capaldi’s second album, Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent, released today, doesn’t offer much beyond the sound and style of his debut, but there are some solid standalone tracks. ‘Heavenly Kind Of State Of Mind’ captures the euphoric feeling of falling in love, which is exactly the kind of uplifting state of bliss you could hope for on a Friday. 

Ash Olsen – Someone Else

Reflecting on that relatable relationship experience of seeing an ex with someone else, Ash Olsen’s new tune shares a sonic resemblance to S.Z.A. and raises the anticipation for the hotly-tipped Norwegian artist’s debut album. 

Sleep Token – Ascensionism

Whilst our review picked up on the disconnect between the Sleep Token aesthetic and the sound of their newest album, Take Me Back To Eden, what it also praised was much of the record’s sonic ambition. The gear shift from slow-tempo piano ballad to raucous rock and back again on ‘Ascensionism’ embodies this commendable creative leap.

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