Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Gives Us Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor

The God of Thunder will return to cinemas in July and we finally have our first trailer of the Taika Waiti -directed film. 

Thor: Love and Thunder, Natalie Portman

The God of Thunder will return to cinemas in July and we finally have our first trailer for the Taika Waititi -directed film. 

Marvel continues to dominate the cinema market, even if some viewers are suffering from a serious case of superhero fatigue.

A fresh voice in the Marvel machinery is Taika Waititi who brought us the bonkers and colourful Thor: Ragnarok in 2017 and now returns to helm Thor: Love and Thunder. The first trailer, released on Easter Monday, gives us a look at Thor as well as The Guardians of the Galaxy, led by Chris Pratt’s Star Lord.

The trailer’s biggest highlight is a glimpse of Natalie Portman, who played Thor’s love interest Jane Foster in the first two Thor films, as Mighty Thor. Earlier in the trailer, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor claims “My superhero-ing days are over.” Convenient, as it seems that Portman’s Mighty Thor might be there to take the reins as she wields Thor’s powerful, if a little banged up, hammer Mjölnir at the end of the trailer. 

Plot details are still scarce, but the fan base seems divided on social media over Portman taking over the role of Goddess of Thunder. Her appearance in the trailer lasts mere seconds and while most fans are praising her inclusion and appearance, not everyone is happy. 

There was already backlash for her return to the franchise in 2019 when her appearance as Mighty Thor was originally announced, but it’s now been reignited with the trailer with users flooding to Twitter to voice their opinions on the new Thor trailer. It’s notable that the reactions have mostly been positive and it’s only a minority who aren’t happy about her inclusion.  

Suspiciously missing from the action is Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher. He is however mentioned in the film’s official synopsis and is described as a “galactic killer” and someone “who seeks the extinction of the gods.” You’ll definitely need Mighty Thor and all the other help you can get if you’re battling the God Butcher.

We’ll have to wait a few more months to see how Portman does as Mighty Thor as Thor: Love and Thunder opens on July 8.

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