Serie: Wishbone Films

man on sofa

Paul Oz

Painter Paul Oz depicts his sporting idols on the canvas by carving oil paint with a palette knife, and says all his inspiration comes to him while he’s on his racing bike.


JJ Adams

JJ Adams blends his South African heritage with British culture in his multimedia artwork. He embraces vibrant colours and finds inspiration in tattoos, cartoons, adverts, comics and sci-fi cinema.

neon no class


Courty says he has neon running through his veins and is as transfixed by the medium as he was 30 years ago when he first started working with it.

Dragana Jurisic

Craig Davison

For painter Craig Davison, art demands an emotional connection. His nostalgic oil paintings depict childhood, but are inspired by the bleak Worcestershire landscapes outside his studio and the skulls he collects. Special thanks to Wishbone Galleries.