ai photography explained

Simplified | AI photography explained

This is a simple explanation to help you understand the process behind Eldagsen's controversial image that won the Sony World Photography Award and the ensuing debate on photography's future.

Las Luminarias

Las Luminarias and how to paint fire | Deep Focus

Spain's ancient Luminaries Festival, Las Luminarias, breathes fire into the lens for this shot by Marcos del Mazo. Fire, an age-old human obsession, has inspired artists since time immemorial, from Britain's Turner to Jackson Pollock.

london in the snow deep focus snow day london

London in the snow | Deep Focus

We might not get a white Christmas, but we got a white mid-December instead. In the latest of our Deep Focus series, where we look closely at a seemingly simple photograph, we compare London in the snow to Breugel's 1565 classic, The Hunters in the Snow.

england football fans react deep focus

England football fans react | Deep Focus

It seems the whole world is looking at the Qatar World Cup, but this particular picture of English fans caught our eye. In the latest part of our Deep Focus series, we look closely at a seemingly simple photograph to deduce what’s really happening.