Kione Grandison

For Kione Grandison, hair has always been an integral part of her identity. Now the multi-media artist draws from her Jamaican roots to explore hairstyling over the decades in textiles, collage and acrylic painting.

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Koby Martin


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sam nowell

Sam Nowell (Up Next: SO2 E10)

Sam Nowell is a Northern Powerhouse. We caught up with the 23 year old designer for a chat about Manchester, collaborating with Selfridges, and designing buildings made from beer towels.

Ziad Kaki

Ziad Kaki (Up Next: SO2 EP02)

Ziad Kaki’s vibrant canvases depict enigmatic figures in intriguing compositions. In the latest episode of UpNext, the Saudi Arabian artist describes how moving to London unleashed his creativity and helped him develop his style.

Daisy May Collingridge

Daisy May Collingridge (Up Next: SO2 EP03)

Daisy Collingridge reimagines the human form with elements of fantasy to create bulbous, yet endearing bodysuits. The artist introduces the whole squishy family and explains how, to her, naked is beautiful in all forms.

Corbin Shaw

Corbin Shaw (Up Next: S02 E09)

Good Sheffield lad, Corbin Shaw embroiders football flags with pithy phrases like ‘We Need To Talk About Our Feelings’ and 'Loverboy'. Inspired by his Harthill upbringing, his relationship with his Dad, and Pulp’s Common People, the 22-year-old is breaking boundaries and challenging class assumptions.

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