Kione Grandison

For Kione Grandison, hair has always been an integral part of her identity. Now the multi-media artist draws from her Jamaican roots to explore hairstyling over the decades in textiles, collage and acrylic painting.

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Koby Martin

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Daisy May Collingridge

Daisy May Collingridge (Up Next: SO2 EP03)

Daisy Collingridge reimagines the human form with elements of fantasy to create bulbous, yet endearing bodysuits. The artist introduces the whole squishy family and explains how, to her, naked is beautiful in all forms.

Lovenskate Thumb

lovenskate (Up Next: SO2 EP05)

Lovenskate founder Stu Smith’s addiction to screen printing snowballed from a hobby in his shed to a fully decked-out studio in Hackney. Their boards are now sold around the world, but for Stu, it’s hanging out with his mates that means the most.


Ellen Rock (Up Next: SO2 EP07)

Ellen Rock fuses traditional craft with bold mark-making in her bespoke prints. The textile designer shares the value of handcrafted techniques, and tells us why she loves collaborating with creatives from across the globe.

Ania Hobs

Ania Hobson (Up Next: Episode 04)

Portrait artist Ania Hobson is gaining all the plaudits for her work, leading most notably to her winning the Young Artist BP Portrait Award last year. With a degree in fine art, as well as having studied Portraiture at the Florence Academy of Art and at the Princes Drawing School, there’s no limit to what Hobson can achieve.

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