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WITH INDIA: Episode 04

Morning-after drinks

For anyone who’s had one too many, these are the drinks you need to get your day back on track.

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WITH INDIA: Episode 06

Ice cream

You don’t even need an ice cream maker; this week India shows you how to make delicious and decadent burnt honey ice cream, and fruity, zesty ice lollies.

WITH INDIA: Episode 07

Chocolate & Cardamom Tart

Get ready to impress. This week, India shows you how to make a rich chocolate and cardamom tart from scratch.

WITH INDIA: Episode 03


Time to roll out your drinks trolley. This week, India shows you how to get your Mojitos just right and adds a new twist to an Aperol Spritz.

WITH INDIA: Episode 02

One Pot Roast Chicken

India Witzand’s simple and delicious summery roast chicken with a British watercress and radish salad.

WITH INDIA: Episode 01


Tie-dying with India. Want to stay creative in quarantine? India Witzand shows you how to refresh your wardrobe with her step-by-step guide to tie-dye.

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