Somayeh Jafari

Photographer and director Somayeh Jafari draws on her Iranian heritage and its tradition of poetic documentary to create ‘painful beauty’ in all her work.

An Interview: Episode 11

Somayeh Jafari

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UB40 (An Interview: .)

UB40 are one of the UK’s leading and most loved reggae bands. We caught up with Ali Campbell and Astro to discuss their forty years on the road ahead of the release of their new album, ‘Unprecedented’.

Ray Burmiston

Duggie Fields (An Interview: Episode 12)

British artist, Duggie Fields took us to Brompton Cemetery to share his experience of coming of age in the swinging sixties, and how it shaped his unique creative style. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Duggie Fields.

John Pearse

John Pearse (An Interview: Episode 02)

Soho tailor John Pearse was at the heart of London’s swinging 60s scene, working from the eminent boutique store ‘Granny Takes a Trip’. With his combination of traditional tailoring techniques and psychedelic styles, Pearse has fitted some of the most eminent figures in the art world.

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