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Speak Now (Taylor's Version) review

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) review | Taylor Swift takes another powerful act of reclamation

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is interested in rewriting history in the process of reclaiming it. Moving away from the formula set by Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version), Speak Now takes more liberties, twists and tweaks rather than being a carbon copy of the original. Changing lyrics and tracklists, the singer remains true to the spirit of the original album – staying interested in herself as the main topic, and reintroducing that 20-year-old self in a bigger and broader way.

Matty Healy and Taylor Swift

Matty Healy and Taylor Swift | The story so far…

Over the last few weeks, a new celebrity couple has sent two sets of fandoms into a spiral. From the moment newspapers picked up the story that Taylor Swift and Matty Healy are apparently “madly in love”, there has been no slowing or stopping the world-wind of hot takes and reactions as fans seem to fall into two camps: the shocked and the downright outraged.

Taylor Swift tickets singing

Taylor Swift ticket debacle leads to Senate committee hearing | What can be done to help fans?

The frustration felt by Swifties over the recent struggles to purchase tickets to their idol’s tour is nothing new. In fact, gig-goers have felt powerless to the whims of the ticketing industry for years. This time, however, the reported site disruption, system failures and ultimately the bereft feelings of the legions of Taylor Swift fans has led to a Senate Committee hearing. But how did we get to this point and is there any hope the situation can be improved for fans?