BYSAINT: Santino Le Saint x whynow Music clothing collection launches

Santino Le Saint has dropped his capsule clothing range titled BYSAINT, in collaboration with whynow Music.

Santino Le Saint clothing

Santino Le Saint has dropped a capsule clothing range titled BYSAINT, in collaboration with whynow Music.

The collection features a hoodie and two T-shirts, with each item having been personally curated by Santino. Everything made is sustainable and ethically produced. 

Speaking ahead of the release, Santino revealed he’d always wanted to create his own clothing brand, providing him with another opportunity to communicate who he is, in addition to his music. 

“It’s what we do. It’s what we say about ourselves. It’s the feel of the T-shirt, or the colour of some trousers or the type of shoes you’ve got on. It says something about yourself. As an artist, it tells something about your story. It’s representing yourself and your feelings.”

The BYSAINT collection is the first to drop on whynow Music, with other artists such as Kamaal Williams also lined up to launch their own capsules. The aim is to provide high-quality, exclusive music content and clothing, as artist merchandise moves beyond the days of generic T-shirts and short-lived fliers. 

Santino Le Saint whynow Music

whynow Music Santino Le Saint

Santino Le Saint

whynow Music works closely with the artists themselves, to create high end, long-lasting, environmentally sustainable products. Each collection will have a short run, ensuring the capsule stays exclusive and personal, and no stock is leftover.

Speaking about his inspirations behind BYSAINT and the details of the clothing itself, Santino said, “What we’re trying to do with the BYSAINT brand, and whynow, is to have the elements of destruction on a really beautiful piece. That’s the simplest description. And we want to be super DIY with it. 

Hoodies Santino Le Saint whynow Music

Short Sleeve Santino Le Saint whynow Music

Short Sleeve Santino Le Saint whynow Music

“So we’ve got patches that we’re pinning on, and that you can move, and all the tees are distressed and ripped around the collars and the hems – but they also have a really beautiful fit, and the finish is soft and fitted well. I think that’s how we can continue to capture that beauty and destruction.

“I love being able to wear clothes that represent me. I think I have a style that’s a mix between rock stuff and street stuff because that’s how I grew up. There’s a lot of stuff out there, but I want to make my own mark; I want to wear stuff I wish I had growing up as a kid, or items I’ve got in my head where I don’t know who else is making it, so I want to make it for myself.”

Click here to find out more about the collection.

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