Can Our Taste in Films be a Relationship Red Flag?

What are the films that should make us double take on our partners?

the virgin suicides


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  • erinstorunnnnn3387 says:

    I think your article is an overgeneralization of people’s views, and incredibly narrow minded. I myself am a woman, and a feminist at that. With that said, I found your idea of the kind of person that likes Tyler Durden and Fight Club “misogynistic and abusive” pretty far of from what both the book and movie really represent. For me both are about people being fed up with misogynistic, consumer driven, corporate America, which is what most people saw and why the movie was so popular. Some people my not like Quentin Tarantino because he’s a sleaze, but that doesnt make someone liking his movies someone you should run from in a relationship. People have different reasons, memories/attachments to movies and their reasons for liking them. So writing that everyone should run from someone that likes a certain movie is seeing the world very black/white and like I said, incredibly narrow minded.

    AKA a Tyler Durden fan.

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