Cigarettes After Sex unveil ‘Baby Blue Movie’ from anticipated album X’s amid global tour frenzy

Ethereal indie band Cigarettes After Sex releases new single 'Baby Blue Movie' from their upcoming album X's, set for 12th July 2024, showcasing a shift towards a more accessible pop sound.

Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex, the renowned ethereal indie band, has delighted fans with the release of their new single, ‘Baby Blue Movie’, from their upcoming album X’s. Set for release on 12th July 2024 through Partisan Records, the album promises to captivate with its signature slow-burn melodies and haunting atmosphere.

The single embodies a transformation of the band’s characteristic sound into a more accessible pop vein. Bandleader Greg Gonzalez explained, “A ‘blue movie’ is a term for a porn movie & so ‘baby blue movie’ is a reference to softcore porn. I heard the title years ago & it felt really striking to me. The story of the song is intentionally meant to be more cryptic storytelling wise than the lyrics I usually write. I like the idea of leaving the listener to decide what this one could be about…”

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Despite the suggestive lyrics, the music retains a dreamy, romantic quality that contrasts sharply with its themes. The allure of mystery and sensuality pervades, inviting listeners to explore their interpretations.

The announcement of X’s has already sparked significant excitement, evidenced by the global arena tour’s success. The tour includes notable sold-out shows at London’s O2 Arena and New York’s Madison Square Garden, reflecting the band’s soaring popularity.

With over 20 million streams of their tour announcement track ‘Tejano Blue’, and a burgeoning listener base on platforms like Spotify, Cigarettes After Sex are rapidly cementing their status as one of the most influential global acts in contemporary music. The demand for their live performances has led to additional shows in major cities, further highlighting their widespread appeal.

Tickets for the remaining tour dates, including an additional performance on 13th November at The O2 Arena in London, are available now.

Baby Blue Movie is now streaming across all digital service providers, offering a taste of what promises to be a transformative album for Cigarettes After Sex.

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