From Easy Life to Hard Life: How trademark troubles sparked a new era for one of Britain’s best bands

From legal battles to lyrical candidness, Hard Life, formerly known as Easy Life, release 'Tears', offering a glimpse into the band's tumultuous yet triumphant journey through music and life.

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Amidst a highly publicised trademark dispute, the band previously known as Easy Life, now rebranded as Hard Life, have released a new single and accompanying video titled ‘Tears’. The rebranding comes after a fallout with easyGroup, which led to a necessary transformation for the band.

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Murray Matravers, the frontman of Hard Life, expressed that the dispute has significantly impacted their lives and creative process: “Since our pretty public run-in with the well-known airline, my life has been turned upside down a little bit. Everything has been on hold. All of us have had to reassess what the band means to us and come to terms with the idea that everything has a beginning, a middle and indeed, an end.” The new track ‘Tears’ delves into these themes of growth and resilience, reflecting the band’s shift towards a more genuine expression of their artistry.

HARDLIFE Tears artwork
‘Tears’ artwork

Despite the legal challenges, the band’s music continues to resonate with themes of perseverance and optimism. ‘Tears’ is not only a reflection on their journey but also an anthem of thanks to those who have supported them: “It’s a hard life, I can’t lie. It’s been a rush. In the hard times, I’m lucky I have friends that I trust. It was easy in my 20s, but now I’ve got a lawyer break-up. Gimme air miles or a fair trial.”

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Hard Life’s career has been marked by an eclectic and ambitious musical repertoire, including two UK number two charting albums and collaborations with prominent artists like Arlo Parks and Finneas. Their work is known for its escapist qualities, humour, and lyrical honesty, which have garnered them a global fanbase and numerous sold-out tours, including performances at London’s Alexandra Palace.

With the release of ‘Tears’, Hard Life not only continue their musical journey but also embrace a new chapter that promises authenticity and continued innovation.

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