Ian Brown from Stone Roses sings solo gig with no band, fans walk out

The F.E.A.R. and Stellify singer, from Manchester's famous 1990s group, sang to a backing track alone in concert in Leeds.

Ian Brown Solo Gig

Ian Brown, from Manchester’s famous 1990s group Stone Roses, sang to a backing track alone in concert in Leeds.

Ian Brown may perhaps be one of the most iconic figures to have emerged from the 1990s ‘Madchester’ scene, fronting celebrated pop group The Stone Roses as lead singer and songwriter.

However, fans paying £45 a ticket to see him on his latest tour have been left very disappointed, indeed some have walked out in protest, as the artist took to the stage alone with no band and a backing track.

The Stone Roses frontman performed a 23-song set at O2 Academy Leeds on Sunday night, where one fan, Paul Griffiths, from Bradford, paid £47.50 for his ticket. Griffiths said he “couldn’t believe it” when Brown walked on stage without any other musicians.

Mr Griffiths, who has been a fan for more than 20 years, said: “We did stay until the end but my mate wanted to leave after the first song. “You had the drunk people that weren’t too bothered but most were pretty cheesed off.”

Here are some funny reactions from Twitter:



It appears solo act gigs aren’t just about the singer themselves, despite at whom all the phone cameras in the crowd are pointed. People want live music and accompanying musicians, rather than the artificial supply through the speakers at the press of a button. It’s good to see, at any rate. Shows we haven’t lost all our standards are a species just yet.

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