Mick Jagger with harmonica

The Best Music Merch Gifts of 2023

"It's JUST what I wanted!"

The Christmas season is BACK, and it’s time for music lovers to think beyond the usual CDs and vinyl records when drafting their wishlists. This year, artists are stepping up their game, offering fans an array of unique and personality-driven merchandise.

From Tina Turner Barbie dolls and Mick Jagger harmonicas to The Cure trading cards, there’s a wealth of creative goodies on offer. Dive into our curated selection of the most interesting and quirky artist music merch available this festive season, perfect for gifting to loved ones or treating yourself.


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The Cure tour trading cards
billy porter hand fan

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jungle fight bag

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yungblud scared to be happier hat

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Matt Maltese hoodie

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Kurt Vile Lunchbox

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