A24 releases spooky new trailer for The Eternal Daughter

A24 have released the first trailer for Joanna Hogg's The Eternal Daughter, in which Tilda Swinton pulls off a tricky double role.

The Eternal Daughter

The trailer for The Eternal Daughter shows off two Tildas, mother and daughter, arriving at a creepy old hotel in the Welsh countryside

Tilda Jr. is then plagued by strange occurrences and sounds during their stay. Perhaps something supernatural is going on. 

You can watch the brand new trailer below.

Joanna Hogg is a filmmaker known for her critically acclaimed films The Souvenir and The Souvenir Part II. The Eternal Daughter is the director’s first foray into the world of spooky horror and judging from the trailer, she’s nailed the atmosphere. 

The Eternal Daughter played at the BFI London Film Festival and gathered rave reviews. We were a little less enthused but still impressed, writing: “The film embraces cliché with a clear and ever-present love for the genre, and the film is never less than reassuringly spooky throughout.”

A24 is releasing the film on December 6 in the US but there’s no official word on a UK release quite just yet. 

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