Tobin Bell to return as Jigsaw for Saw 10, proving Hollywood still loves horror franchises

Jigsaw is back for another Saw film! Cheap to make, with huge profits to reap, Hollywood is still clearly deeply in love with horror films.

saw tobin bell

Deadline reports that Tobin Bell will return as the franchise’s original, iconic killer John Kramer, aka the Jigsaw Killer in the next Saw sequel. Bell’s last appearance as Jigsaw was in 2017’s Jigsaw, but he was missing from the action in 2020’s Spiral: From The Book of Saw

The next Saw film will be directed by another Saw-veteran, Kevin Greutert, who directed two of the nine Saw films. The original Saw, directed by James Wan of Aquaman-fame, went on to kickstart a whole new subgenre of horror along with Eli Roth’s Hostel, known as torture porn. 

Horror is having a big moment right now, not just because it’s Halloween. In the US, films like Terrifier 2, Smile and Barbarian have made a significant dent in the box office cash.

barbarian georgina campbell

Georgian Campbell in Barbarian. Credit: 20th Century Studios

Hollywood has always loved horror and so have audiences. Unlike any other genre, horror films aren’t reliant on the actor’s star power or a famous director but word of mouth. Terrifier 2, just released in the UK, has dominated the headlines and social media after reports that some viewers have either puked their dinner up or fainted due to the extreme violence

While some are certainly put off by such reports, for many, Terrifier 2 just seems all the more inviting and interesting. It’s a challenge of sorts; if these people couldn’t handle it, can I

Horror films are traditionally relatively cheap to make, with no need for big names and even bigger salary requests. But when the stars align just right, horror films can make an easy profit for any studio. 

David Gordon Green has just wrapped up his Halloween trilogy with Halloween Ends, which received mostly negative reviews from critics. It was also reported that the film, which went to cinemas as well as streaming at the same time in the US, didn’t make as much money as Universal Pictures had hoped it would. 

halloween ends michael myers

Halloween Ends. Credit: Universal Pictures

While there are no plot details for the new Saw sequel, filming is currently underway and the film is scheduled to be released October 27, 2023, just in time for Halloween. 

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