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What's on in cinemas this December? Perhaps we can tempt you with an alcoholic Santa Claus or a Whitney Houston biopic?

whats on in cinema december blockbuster

What’s on in cinemas this December? December sees the arrival of Avatar: The Way of Water on our cinema screens, but fear not, if blue aliens aren’t your thing, there’s plenty more to enjoy. Perhaps we can tempt you with an alcoholic Santa Claus or a Whitney Houston biopic?

Violent Night / December 2

violent night sleigh

Credit: Universal Pictures

If there was one role David Harbour was born to play, it was a drunken Santa Claus wielding a mallet. In this delightful violent Christmas film, Harbour’s Santa Claus goes against an array of bad men as they hold the wealthy family of Lightstones hostage. It’s gory, it’s fun, it’s a bit silly, this is THE Christmas film of 2022. 

White Noise / December 2

White Noise

Credit: Netflix

White Noise is Noah Baumbach’s version of a disaster movie. After a train derails and causes an ‘Airborne Toxic Event’, we follow the Gladneys, led by father Jack (Adam Driver) as they flee their home and attempt to find safety. Somehow, White Noise is an exploration of humanity and mortality and it’s also darkly funny. 

The Silent Twins / December 9

the silent twins (1)

Credit: Universal Pictures

Inspired by real events and based on a book by journalist Marjorie Wallace, The Silent Twins is the story of June and Jennifer Gibbons. The two women refuse to communicate with anyone but each other and after being incarcerated into Broadmoor Hospital, they create a lavish fantasy world they can escape their lives into. 

Avatar: The Way Of Water / December 16

avatar 2 flying

Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The one film that will dominate the conversation and cinema screen is James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way Of Water. A sequel to 2009’s Avatar, The Way Of Water continues the story of Jake, Neytiri and introduces us to their children. The Na’Vi’s way of life is in danger once again and the film explores the lengths we go to to protect our families.  

The Pale Blue Eye / December 23

the pale blue eye

Credit: Netflix

Scott Cooper, director of Hostiles and Out of Furnace, reunites with Christian Bale to bring us this dark, gothic tale of murder and mystery. Bale plays detective Augustus Landor, who is summoned to investigate the bizarre death of a cadet at the Military Academy in West Point in 1830. He is aided by the young Edgar Allan Poe, who is not yet the poet we know him as. 

I Wanna Dance With Somebody / December 26

i wanna dance with someone

Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

The long-awaited Whitney Houston biopic finally arrives in cinemas this Christmas. Naomie Ackie plays the late, famed singer in a film that tracks her rise to stardom and the struggles that came with that. Stanley Tucci stars against Ackie as producer Clive Davis while Ashton Sanders takes on the role of Bobby Brown. 

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