Helen Kirkum

Helen Kirkum is stitching together both the remnants of shoes and a distinctive new look. The “sneaker collagist” achieves more than a mere recycling job; her creatively customized sneakers have already led to her teaming up with Adidas’ MakerLab project, for her individual take on the Campus 80 silhouette.

Up Next: Episode 07

Helen Kirkum

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Ziad Kaki

Ziad Kaki (Up Next: SO2 EP02)

Ziad Kaki’s vibrant canvases depict enigmatic figures in intriguing compositions. In the latest episode of UpNext, the Saudi Arabian artist describes how moving to London unleashed his creativity and helped him develop his style.

Corbin Shaw

Corbin Shaw (Up Next: S02 E09)

Good Sheffield lad, Corbin Shaw embroiders football flags with pithy phrases like ‘We Need To Talk About Our Feelings’ and 'Loverboy'. Inspired by his Harthill upbringing, his relationship with his Dad, and Pulp’s Common People, the 22-year-old is breaking boundaries and challenging class assumptions.

Adam Jones

Adam Jones (Up Next: Episode 01)

Talented young fashion designer Adam Jones is breaking into the industry with his pub-aesthetic styles. Self-described as ‘the British take on wabi-sabi’ for its appreciation of the imperfect, his work has been a hit with the likes of Neneh Cherry.

koby martin

Koby Martin (Up Next: SO2 EP01)

Koby Martin’s arresting canvases are saturated with emotion. He paints his life experiences, confronting difficult subject matter head on, including leaving Ghana as a teenager and the death of his father.

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