Sam Monaghan

Experimenting with dyes and pushing the line between art and fashion Samuel Monaghan is Creative Director of Second Best. We sat down with Monaghan to hear how his work has been shaped by his northern heritage and adopting the mentality of the hardcore scene.

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Sam Mon

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Edie Ashley

Edie Ashley (Up Next: SO2 EP04)

Fashion designer Edie Ashley’s fascinated by found materials and rescued fabric, and lockdown hasn’t slowed her down; she’s bursting with ideas and longing to be bored.

Koby Martin

Kione Grandison (Up Next: SO2 EP08)

For Kione Grandison, hair has always been an integral part of her identity. Now the multi-media artist draws from her Jamaican roots to explore hairstyling over the decades in textiles, collage and acrylic painting.


Ellen Rock (Up Next: SO2 EP07)

Ellen Rock fuses traditional craft with bold mark-making in her bespoke prints. The textile designer shares the value of handcrafted techniques, and tells us why she loves collaborating with creatives from across the globe.

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