L E M F R E C K interview

whynow is the time to listen to… LEMFRECK

Newport rapper Lemfreck shares his second, and by far his most ambitious, project yet today. Divided into three parts, Blood, Sweat & Fears is a pensive, atmospheric project that pulls you into its orbit. Paying special homage to the rising rapper’s Welsh roots, the record also demonstrates there are plenty of sides to L E M F R E C K’s sonic craft.

Isaiah Dreads

Down the Boozer with Isaiah Dreads

Isaiah Dreads is a rising British rapper that has amassed over five million streams. Hailing from Dorset, Isaiah is steadily making a name for himself amongst an often-cliquey scene. We sat down with Isaiah over a pint to mull over his journey into music, his future ambitions and his latest EP, Out The Box, in collaboration with West London producer Zdot.