A Saw-themed escape room is heading to London

If you've ever watched a Saw film and felt the need to be tortured to death, help might just be at hand.

Saw The Experience

Depending just how real its creators are willing to make it, here’s a day out that could be on the memorable side. The Saw horror franchise is known for devilish traps, lots of life or death games, and leaving people with limbs hanging off and blood spurting everywhere.

Appreciating the strict health and safety laws the UK operates under, that may mean some compromises when putting a Saw-based escape room together. But it’s not stopping someone from trying.

Saw: The Experience – for that is what it’s called – is set to open in the UK in time for Halloween. It’s from the company behind Monopoly: Lifesized, that’s currently running in London. Inevitably, the Saw escape room will be in the same city (just for once, we’d love to see something like this turn up in Barnsley, or Inverness, or Minehead).

Still, here we are.

We don’t have a formal opening date for whatever butchery will be taking place behind the closed doors of Saw: The Experience, just that it’ll be ready for Halloween. Between you and us, we reckon that they might not actually kill anyone as part and parcel of the attraction, and obviously we thoroughly endorse that policy.

The odd pin prick wouldn’t hurt, though.

Registration for priority tickets – or, as we used to call them, ‘tickets’ – is underway now, here. Small details such as pricing remain unannounced.

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