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Some say they met while working at a Cinnabon, others claim it was when they were competing acrobats in the circus. We speak to Being Dead.

Being Dead

Some say they met while working at a Cinnabon, others claim it was when they were competing acrobats in the circus. Truth is, only they really know – and even if you think they’re telling you the truth, you’d be wise to give it a second thought.

Ultimately, the Texas-based trio Being Dead – comprised of Falcon B*tch, Gumball, Ricky Moto – are just “goofing out”, so carefree and devoid of pretensions that they evoke the same feeling in you. That’s kind of the point.

Their latest album When Horses Would Run, released last week, is a breezy soundscape that feels improvised on-the-spot, from the meandering moments of psych-jazz on ‘Muriel’s Big Day Off’ through the near- doo-wop of the record’s titular track. It’s music to either shut your eyes and drift elsewhere, or to be played full blast along some desert road trip; either way, physically or otherwise, it’s transportative.

Here, we put a few questions to them, and they in turn make a mockery of the email interview format, often leaving more questions than answers. And for that, as with their latest album, we commend them.

Being Dead

Photo: Niamh Fleming

How did you guys form?

We actually haven’t met in person yet, but we’re hoping to soon! We’ve been using generated AI for promo materials.

I read you guys like to make up elaborate tales about your first meeting… So how did you actually meet?

Ugh, okay – you got us. We were both at the big-strong convention and both came in first place, but decided to settle the score with a little arm-wrestle – TIE. But then! Gumball whipped out a semi-automatic handgun without a license and Falcon Bitch drew her butterfly switchblade – which prior to 2017, was illegal in Texas and this is when and where our story takes place. 

At that moment, we both flashed our FBI badges to take the other in… but it also turns out that we were stripper-cops and the convention turned into a nightclub! It was frickin’ sexy!

Who were the main artists and bands you bonded over or were inspired by?

Joe Scruggs!!!!! And Suicide. And Daniel Johnston. And System Of A Down, and Animal Collective. And Deerhoof.

Falcon B*tch, Gumball, Ricky Moto. Are these characters? Are they your true selves? Are they figments of your imagination?

This is us, baby. Real, raw, true, explicit and hot as hell (physically!). 

How would you describe your sound, in three words?

Sassy, curious, raucous.

Being Dead

Photo: Jade Hammer

When Horses Would Run sounds very cinematic, like the soundtrack to a road movie. I read your creative process revolves more around “instincts and gut reactions [than] second-guessing or laborious technicalities” – could you elaborate on that process?

We get in the car and drive down every damn road. Then we collect all the roads and make a super highway. Destination, you may ask? The truth! Joke, your heart 🙂

Are you perfectionists at all? Once you have a demo at least?

One of us is and the other is not!

The creation of When Horses Would Run began in 2017. So how did you go about making the album a cohesive package, even if it was made across a fairly lengthy time? How did you piece together such a collage over that period of time, “a collection of songs from different versions of ourselves,” as you’ve said?

It was never our intention to wait this long… We were aiming to release it in 2020, but the world had other plans… Some of those songs changed during that time so we had to baptize them anew.

What’s ‘Muriel’s Big Day Off’ about, if anything? And what was it inspired by?

Anti-work and pro-play, it’s about letting loose with your bestie! It’s about nothing, but inspired by everything… And it all takes place within its own contained world!

Why the name, Being Dead?

We had to figure out a way for people to call out to the both of us at the same time – like a searchlight – and it turns out, you can just make up any name. And thems is the lumens. We chose Being Dead because it’s hard as fuck! But it’s actually an acronym.

Which other artists do you love, or feel are killing it right now, from the Austin scene that you want to shout about?

Font, Tele Novella, Die Spitz, Big Bill, Gus Baldwin & The Sketch, Hey Cowboy, je’Texas, Annabelle Chairlegs, Redbud! And obviously: Zero Percent APR!

What’s the end-goal for Being Dead that you’re aiming for?

Total world domy <333 and a boat. 

What’s next for you guys?

Tour! &&& ALBUM 2 COMING @@@ UUUUUUU (and world domy) ((and a boat!))

And where can people next see you live in the UK?

Top of the Pops! We’ll hop on over next year for sure!

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