FKA Twigs to launch AI deepfake amid calls for regulatory safeguards

FKA Twigs is developing her own AI to interact with fans in multiple languages while advocating for the protection of artists' rights in the face of advancing technology.

FKA Twigs

British artist FKA Twigs is currently developing her own AI deepfake technology, which she plans to use to interact with fans in multiple languages. Alongside this new technological venture, she’s submitted written testimony to a US Senate committee exploring the implications of AI, advocating for stronger rights protections for creatives.

In her testimony, FKA Twigs emphasised AI’s dual nature, highlighting its potential benefits while also warning of significant risks to artists’ identities and intellectual property, Pitchfork reports. “My art is the canvas on which I paint my identity and the sustaining foundation of my livelihood. It is the essence of my being. Yet this is under threat,” she stated, addressing the potential misuse of AI in replicating an artist’s work and identity.

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The artist expressed concern that without proper regulations, AI could “rewrite and unravel the fabric of my very existence.” She is urging legislators to enact measures that safeguard authenticity and prevent the misappropriation of artists’ rights.

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FKA Twigs revealed plans for her AI project, stating it will be “trained in [her] personality” and will use her “exact tone of voice” to communicate in various languages. This AI will also manage her social media interactions, allowing her to focus more on her art from her studio.

However, she warned of the broader dangers of unregulated AI use: “Our careers and livelihoods are in jeopardy, and so potentially are the wider image-related rights of others in society.”

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In her closing remarks, she highlighted the importance of protecting the essence of human creativity and identity against the threats posed by AI technology. “That the very essence of our being at its most human level can be violated by the unscrupulous use of AI to create a digital facsimile that purports to be us, and our work, is inherently wrong,” she wrote.

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